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Toys that Work

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Besides the standard ones like balls and mice, here are a few I'd recommend:

Da Bird
I just got this for Penelope. It took me a long time to get it because I thought, "What's the difference between this and any other stick with a teaser attached to it?" Ah, but I found out this afternoon that there is a difference! The thing is designed so that when you whirl it around the feathers actually, aerodynamically, seem to fly like a bird and make a whiffling feather flight sound (obviously, can't describe this) which drives my little one crazy.

I got mine at Pet Supermarket but here's a link to one on-line:

Peek-a-Prize toy box
They don't go crazy over this like they do "Da Bird" but it gives them something to play with without me having to do anything. It's basically a box with holes in it. I put toys and tartar-control treats in the box and my cats like to fish around in the holes to retrieve their "prizes." You probably could create one yourself out of cardboard -- or out of wood if you are handy that way.


Window Bird Feeder

I live in a second floor apartment so this was a great find for me. It's a bird feeder I can suction cup to my window. It provides a kind of "Cat TV" for the girls.

BestNest has a lot of these kinds of bird feeders:


This is the one I have and I would recommend the brand: Droll Yankee. Most of their products comes with a lifetime warantee and their customer service is excellent:


Just thought I'd share my success stories since I've had a lot of unsuccessful ones!
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Great!! Thanks Colleen. I might look into Da Bird for christmas.
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Originally Posted by Ali012281
Great!! Thanks Colleen. I might look into Da Bird for christmas.
Yeah, I got it for about 6 bucks at Pet Supermarket, so it's not a huge "risk" item. For example, I bought a $40 "MeowTown Tunnel" for my girls and they hate it! Sigh. They're so particular about what they like and don't like.
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Yeah. I got Meish a panick mouse and she's so so about it... $20 down the tube.
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