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It's working

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I am not sure who all gave me advice about sara and what to feed her to help her tummy problem! But thank you! I have started giving her a little canned pumpkin mixed with her wet food and it is working. Her poops are not as soft as they were. We finally made the switch all the way over. I am feeding her Nutro wet and dry food. I feed her the wet three times a day, and i leave a little bowl of dry out that she nibbles on throughout the day. The only question i do have though is how often for how long should i give her pumpkin? Everyday? Every meal? For two weeks? Forever? Just wondering, thanks again for the wonderful advice. You guys are so helpful!
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I'm glad to hear Sara is doing better!
Not sure about how often with the pumpkin but I would assume that when she's back to normal then stop using the pumpkin.

I'm sure someone who knows will answer.
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You can try stopping the pumpkin once she is better but some cats just do better having a little extra fibre in their diet. You can do this by adding the pumpkin or metamucil to her regular food, switching to a senior diet, or using a perscription diet.
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I'm glad to hear she's doing better!
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So glad you're feeling better, Sara!
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I am so glad Sara is feeling better!!!

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aww yay!
but i have never seem pumpkin in a can here!
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