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Tapeworms reaccuring.

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My Shinobi has a tapeworm. She'd been doing the poop and scootch thing for a while, so we took her to the vet. He said she needs to go on a diet and they found tapeworm eggs in her stool. Poor kitty.

Well I treated her with 1 little white pill last thursday. She was fine, but we did have a poop and scootch incident yesterday. I am wondering is this an indiciation that the medicine did not work? Or should I give it more time?

I've been reading that it is important to clean up and stuff so she doesn't get reinfected, so I'm going to vaccum and do laundry tonight.
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As my cats are indoor/outdoor I usually treat every 3 months with Drontal the dose depends on the weight of the cat. The other meds they give me is a liquid called Nemex the dose is also weight dependent and I dose every 2 weeks for 4-5 weeks.
I would call your vet back just to give reassurance that there is something else going on. I would throw out and sanitize the litter box after treating your kitty. Good luck
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Scooting could also indicate that her anal sacs are full. These are two pea sized sacs on either side of her anus. They should be expressed normally at every BM but in some animals this does not happen and the sacs fill with material and become itchy. Your vet or a tech can express them for you. It is a pretty quick appointment and only costs about $20.
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