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Update on Cotton

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I am back from the vet with Cotton. He had x rays taken and blood work done. It was discovered by looking at him that he is anemic, which is why he is acting as he is. His kidneys and liver are fine and he is mildly constipated. The vet told me he either has a blood parasite called Hemobartonellosis, http://www.vetinfo.com/catpara.html#Hemobartonellosis, or Feline Leukemia. I doubt highly he has the feline leukemia. I will get called tomorrow on his blood work results. I am still nervous about that. The vet gave me an antibiotic for the blood parasite to give him twice a day. Also told me to try to get him to take laxotone.

I got to see his X-Ray and it was cool. I saw his intestines, stomach, kidneys, liver, and bladder. Also his spine was so bright in the x ray.

It cost over $200 for everything.

I just want him to feel better. The vet told me he should start to feel better in three days. Right now he is lying under the end table in the living room.
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Awww, poor Cotton
Sending good and positive thoughts his way.
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Wishing him a very speedy recovery. Some other options for the constipation include feeding plain unspiced pumpkin, babyfood peas (check that no onion or garlic is added), or slippery elm bark syrup which you can make yourself (for info on how to do so, go to: feline crf dot org - section on constipation
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