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I hate my boss and a near death experience.....

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Ok, maybe not near death, but still scary.

Oh Saturday I went to my staff Christmas party with a co-worker/friend of mine. We got there, drank, ate dinner, drank some more went to her truck to well um.... Shortly after that I wasn't feeling too well...in fact I was feeling so messed up.... then this started....

It wasn't stopping. She tried to drive me home, but the second the truck started to move the would start again..... I got her to call my mom and the ambulance, mostly becasue I didn't know if I'd stop or not, and I didn't want to take any chances.

Well, long story short, I ended up in the hospital. The mix of drinking, my normal medication and the caused it all. So after about 3 hours of laying there under this cool warming blanket and an IV and lots of blood taken from me I was able to go home.

No more drinking for me for a long time!!!

On the bright side I did win the door prize, still waiting to get it and see what it is. I hear its a big basket of stuff! I'm so excited. Told my friend since she was so good to me that night I'd share it with her.

The boss story....I'm still too pissed off to write about it....but I will shortly!
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Sorry you had such a crummy end to your party. I hate hospitals. Now you know what not to mix!
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Oh no! I'm so sorry this happened to you. No more drinking! Or smoking.... I'm very against both, but sense you're a TCS member, I'll just hug you and tell you its okay...

"Shhh...its alright...."
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smoking drinking and your meds huh? I know that I would end up with seizures if I drank to much even if I took my meds. Bummer party for you. Now at least it'll give you a reason to quit smoking???
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i bet you werent smoking ciggarettes right? :P coz that smiley doesnt look like a normal nicotine smoker :P
Im actually against smoking or drugs, and alcohol. But its ok to have a glass of wine one a while.
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yeah i would say leave the meds behind.. and if you can't than you shouldn't be drinking!! But there's nothing like a night of partying when you don't at the end.. hehe. I don't but far be it for me to judge!
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At least you didn't over your boss. Although from the end of your message that might not have been such a bad idea . Could have been worse though, you could have over the door prize - wouldn't that have been a bad end to yucky evening!!

Hope you feel better now
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Oh my look at my face turn red! I wasn't thinking about that kind of smoking! LOL! ! oops! well goodness, of course that might be enough to make anyone sick! LOL!
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You are among some current and some former I've been to a few Christmas parties myself. Some meds just don't mix with that combination, good thing you did or you may have had a worse reaction. I know that doesn't help, sorry. -ing really sucks!!
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