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hasnt pooped in almost 48 hours

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Hi folks...

Danielle has not pooped in almost 48 hours. (She pees very well)
Since she has been here, she pooped several times, but now I havent seen anything recently.
Is this something to be concerned about YET?

I am thinking it may be because I have been switching her food a lot, for variety. Could this be upsetting her system? Or could it be stress.

Obviously, if it continues, a Vet visit is in order. I was just hoping to put it off for a few more days to help her calm down.

I now have her on a diet of only the same food. Maybe this will correct the problem?

How long does one wait for the poop until you take them to the Vet.

I don't believe she has blockage, she DID go several times since being here.

Any advice would be appreciated. Is it normal for cats to sometimes go 2 days with no poop, and then return to normal?

Thanks guys,

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Yes a stressed cat can go days without pooping. I had one go about 4 days once. You can try giving her some laxatone or some veggie oil with her food.
I would also search to see if it's in the apt somewhere else that you don't know about. If she hasnt gone by Monday, I would probably get her in for her overall exam.
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Thank you. Yes I gave her a tiny amount of Petromalt.

She has been wired all day. Don't know why. Has stuck to my side ALL day, hardly even slept. hhmmmmm

Anyway.... I know she hasn't done it anywhere else, cause I would smell it, and I smell nothing.

Thanks again
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One thing that I give my kitties is the Hills Science Diet Hairball food. They love it. Also I give them Laxitone for hairballs. Someone told me to get some of the Brummel & Brown Oleo with yogart in it. They said its good for hairballs. The only thing with the Hairball food it has so much fiber so they drink more water. Which causes them to urinate more. They shed so much in the summer in Texas that they have to have something to help with the hairballs. Mine also like the Purina Pro Plan hairball food. They eat just Science Diet all the time. Since my Kitty died a month ago with Liver Cancer I asked my vet if they all could have Science Diet CDS, KD,& WD. He said it won't hurt them so thats what I feed them. Several are old also. Sometimes I wonder if its just trial & error with the food. Prayers
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I hope your pooping problem has been solved. I just wanted to say that in the past I have used 1/8 tsp. Metamucil (psyllium husk) mixed with wet food. It works better than Petromalt,(kitty lube)and is much better for them. I've had very good results with this. Good luck!

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Thanks I will try that. I have heard of using that before. Its worth a try. They really hate the the lube as you called it. Good name for it though. Thanks again for the advice. Prayers,
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Hi guys,

Yes Danielles pooping problem seems to be over. I did give her petromalt that time, and it worked. Two days later, I had to do it again. Then she started going on her own. Now she goes about once a day all by herself!!

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