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hi again

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Hi i registered before but for some reason i couldnt get logged in again but iv managed to get registered again.Anyway my name is janine and iv got a gorgeous little cat called lily,shes a black and white cat and we rescued her from a shelter.We think she has been mistreated in the past because she does have some behaviour problems.Shes only a year old and very insane,but we love her lots.anyway bye for now xx
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Hi and welcome back to the site to you and your kitten.
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Welcome back!!
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sorry you had to re-register we had a problem with the forums for the last week or!!

Lily sounds adorable even if she has some behaviour problems - thankyou for giving this little sweetheart another chance at having a perfect life in a house full of love

if you want to post some of her behaviour problems in the behaviour section and someone will hopefully be able to give you some advise

welcome again from me & my boys
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Hi and welcome!
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Hello! Welcome back...
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Welcome again to TCS, Janine and Lily!
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Hey again yourself! Welcome back!
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Thanx for all ur nice welcomes
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Good to know so many people have made it back. Welcome.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!
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Welcome back!!! Glad you reregistered!!
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