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I don't know who started the Christmas Kitty Carols thread, but I thought it was a good idea, and seeing as I've got one saved, I thought I'd kick-start it again, just to keep spirits up. So to whomever started the original thread, thanks and I raise a glass to you all!!

Eflat Cat (mozart French horn concerto in Eflat major)

I now own a cat and I have to obey him to feed him the turkey from my christmas spread
He gobbles it all and leaves nothing but stuffing but then he goes looking for dessert instead
That greedy cat,
I love him but I can't leave food in sight
My greedy cat,
eats all that I cook of a night
My favourite sweet, a chocolate treat
Disappears when he starts to eat
Oh the hours I have to spend to cook for my gluttonous pussycat friend
But when he gets his way, I have to say, he's the friendliest thing in the town
Shame he's so round,
But his nature's sure improving
What a mess I am in! I'm an owner who's owned by a feline bin.
How can I get him thin? I can see, it was he, who said "diet" was "die" with a T

I now work as part of what cats call "their staff" though I'm not paid as much as I'd wish that I was
My bed is his palace, the kitchen my quarters, and all in between is his own patch "because".
Now I'm his cook
his groomer and stroker and scratching post
And now I look
like I've only the war wounds to boast
My complexion is flawed 'cause I'm randomly clawed
every time that cat gets bored.
Oh the nights I sleep in my bed with the pussycat sleeping on top of my head
But still he gets his way, and I can say, I wouldn't change one single thing
Sure, he's a king
And a tiger all but never
Oh how much I love him! I'm an owner who's owned by a feline bin!
oh how much I love him! He's my boy, such a joy - it's a shame I'm no more than his toy!

I... love... my... cat, simple as that, though he is fat

Knowing I've found my companion, the love of my life and the friend that is there with me no matter what
I know I can live with the tantrums and hairballs and catfur on everything that I've got
Cause he's my star
Even though I'm no more than his slave
And we'll go far
When I finally learn to behave!
I can't feel my feet any more
Oh my god he is starting to snore...
But what the heck, what are laps for? Zz zzzzzzz