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Originally Posted by huggles
I dont think you need photography lessons at all!! this is an amazing photo of Amad Sarah.
and of course they are getting cuter by the day
I am glad you like it! This was one of my favs, too. When it came out I was like - ooh! I was so proud of myself. (Insert nerd smile here!)
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Wow Sarah... those are great pictures. What are you talking about, you needing photography lessons?! What handsome boys you have... but they're already growing up!
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Awwwwwwwww! Your baby boys are so adorable!

I don't blame you for taking so many pictures, I don't think I could help myself either! They grow up so fast too!
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Originally Posted by Cyclesarah
Sarah, honestly, these photos look like they're were taken by a professional. I think you have a lot of untapped talent here. I'm glad the boys have inspired you to start using it!

Thank you for posting more photos. I never tire of looking at these darling little kitty-cats.
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Its a pity you didn't live nearer to me because i'd be telling you to cancel your neighbour as kitty sitter when you go away!
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Originally Posted by Cyclesarah
Glad you like the tree! I am very happy with it. I ordered it from the Pussicat Cat Tree furniture company (www.4yourcat.com) they were super helpful, and the tree is of amazing quality...and the post is just mind boggling! I am very happy with my purchase, and so are the boys!
Sarah, what model is that one? I can't find it on their web-site.
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Originally Posted by SnowLeop
Sarah, what model is that one? I can't find it on their web-site.

Hi there! I have the Alexander
Also, thank you for the compliments about the pictures...it is very encouraging
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Ok...pardon my not being around...the hubby took some time off work, so we have been running around making the most of our time...next week things should be back to normal! Here are new pics of the guys!



They love the laundry!

Thanks for looking!
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your babies are truly stunning!
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There's my boys!!
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Oh, thank you. I needed an Amad and Riley fix!

Just to reinforce how cute your kitties are -- I showed your thread to my colleague who's as cat crazy as I am. (He has 5 cats.) He oohed and awwed over the cats AND commented on the high quality of the photographs. He proceeded to e-mail the thread link to his wife so she could look at the photos. She e-mailed him back and said, "Thank you for reminding me why we have cats."
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Awwww their a pair of snuggle bugs if ever i saw some!
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Aw, look how big they're getting! For some reason they're starting to look a little grown up! But maybe that's just me being paranoid!

Thanks for posting new pictures, they're so handsome! And your pictures are just gorgeous!
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Oh my, Sarah! Your baby boys are growing so quickly, and they get more gorgeous everytime we see them!
Believe this is my favorite picture of Riley yet! This looks just like a professional photograph!

Amad is so precious here!

Thank you for these, Sarah, hope you're week calms down a bit!
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OMG!!!!!!! What a lovely kitties, the boys are hagging in the house!!!! Thanks for share!!!!!
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aww, super-duper-cuteness!!!!!!!!
sarah you have such stunning little furrbabies! i'm in love!
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Well, thank you all so much for the compliments of the boys - I'll have you know they are quite pleased that you think they are so cute (do not worry - I am not letting it get to their heads! ) Bri and I are heading out for a few days, and since I will not be here to capture the boys on film, I thought I would post some "vinatge" Amad and Riley, since all their "baby" pictures were lost in the TCS downtime of '04. I'll be back Friday night! Have a great week everyone!



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Have a great time Sarah! Thanks for giving us our Riley & Amad fix!
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Sarah, Amad and Riley are just adorable!! They look like they love each other so much!
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Originally Posted by Cyclesarah
Thank you, Colleen! Feel free to use any pics you like! That is a great idea...maybe I will make myself a 2005 calendar with my little guys! I appreciate your comments on the pictures, photography is something I know nothing about, but a hobby I really want to get into. My boys are really prompting me to take some lessons and get some good equipment...that and the gorgeous English countryside that is around here...I need to capture it before we move! Time does go by fast! I willl post more again soon...I may even put up some of the older ones, just for old times' sake
You should definitely take up photography, you've got the eye for it. I do photography as well...darkroom, the whole works. In the mean time, keep posting pics of your adorable boys!
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aww so cute
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amad and riley are soooo cute!!! i love orange kitties! its so cute when they snuggle up together! and you take beautiful photos!! keep em coming we cant get enough!!!
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I just keep coming back to look at your adorable boys. My s/o was just melted in to a big lump over the pic of the one with the little paws sticking up.
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I just love the new pictures!! Those guys are the cutest things.....I'll never tire of seeing new pictures of them every day!!!
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They are just too cute!!!!
I swear it was smiling at the cam
"the one you love pic"
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Hello everybody!
Here are a few new ones of the boys. I know there are quite a few of Amad that look alike, but that little guy never sits still long enough to take a picture, so when I have a chance, I take it!
I hope that everyone had a great weekend!

Watching the birds





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Aw Sarah, they are TOO cute!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Aw Sarah, they are TOO cute!

Thank you, Sam! How are your little ones doing? I just love them!
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Well Sarah, as always, I love all the pics, but I have to say my favorite is the second to the last one..........so so cute.I wish my kits would do that.
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aww sarah, they are such gorgeous boys! i know you hear it all the time from everyone over and over, but they are... and the pictures just keep getting cuter and cuter!
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