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A new cat on the block

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Hi everyone!

I kinda of stumbled onto this forum while I was searching for a solution to my kitty problem. This is a great place and if you wouldn't mind I'd love to join in on the fun.
Taeko is actually the name of my new rescued kitten. I found her right before Halloween and proceeded to go door to door to find her owners. When I got to the last door on the street I finally found someone who knew about her. I was told that a few days earlier this woman's parents had come to visit and when they opened the hood of their car to do some work out popped this black ,tiny and "savage" kitten. They were surprised but didn't want to deal with it so just forgot about her. ::censor::censor::censor:: This 6 week old kitten actually survived a ride of 90 miles in the MOTOR of their car! Her parents went home and left the poor thing to fend for itself. Needless to say I was too happy to take her in and she has been a joy ever since. She's now a healthy,beautiful and curious 3 month old kitten and we love her to death.

We also have a springer/cocker spaniel mix that was an unwanted Christmas present when he was a puppy 5 years ago. His name is Athos and he and Taeko are the best of friends .

I'm so glad that I've found this site because it's been awhile since I've had a kitten and I'm full of questions galore

I'm looking forward to being part of your group and have been reading here everyday.

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Hi! Of course we don't mind if you join! Welcome aboard! Thanks for rescuing Taeko, that's so very good of you! Poor little thing seems like she's gone through a lot in her little life but luckily she has you to take care of her!
Do you have any pictures of Taeko or Athos because we'd love to see them! Also feel free to ask away - that's what we're here for!
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Hi and welcome to the site, Thank you for giving Taeko a good home.
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i hope you have as much fun as we do
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Originally Posted by Taeko
This is a great place and if you wouldn't mind I'd love to join in on the fun.
would we mind? never!!! we are so pleased you joined us!!! welcome to our little family

what a trooper this little kitty sounds like to have survived that trip in the car!!! wow!!

and its so great that Taeko and Athos are best friends

any chance we can see some pictures? we just LOVE pictures here!!!

welcome again from me & my boys
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Hi!! That's a pretty cool cat to have survived a trip like that!! We had a cat when i was a kid that snuck into the motor and drove to Melbourne without my parents knowing. She crawled out at the end of the trip unharmed but apparently was never the same (understandably!) Always a good idea to check the car motor. Cats love nooks and crannies especially warm ones!
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Hello and welcome. Taeko sounds plucky, and she's lucky to have a friend in you. What does her name mean?
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Hi, welcome to TCS, Taeko and Karen!So glad you joined us!Please feel free to ask us anything! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Welcome Karen! Taeko is a lucky kitten indeed!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!
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Hi! Welcome to TCS.
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