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Another Picture that is Priceless

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This picture puts a lump in my throat.
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Is this the picture that Kittyfoot was talking about?
It's a very powerfull pic!
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She posted it on the board further down, a watercolor, absolutely astounding...
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Hissy!!! I thought I recognized that picture!!!!! Anne-Claire did a beautiful painting of it, and posted it on here somewhere....maybe one of us can find it, and copy it here, that would be cool! I will go look for it!
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I found the thread, finally, and was so disappointed...it says she had to remove her pictures because of copyright violations, or something like that....that is so sad, her watercolor of that picture was beautiful, and now I wish I had copied and saved it, so I could post it here for you to see.
Couldn't you sneak it back in, Anne-Claire, so we could see it one more time?
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Yes,that's the pic I was referring to...it will surely be up for a couple of media awards.
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A Pulitzer for sure!

HACKENSACK, N.J. (AP) - A photograph of firefighters raising an American flag amid World Trade Center debris is being compared to a Pulitzer Prize-winning image of U.S. Marines on Iwo Jima during World War II.
Tom Franklin, a photographer for the Record of Hackensack, took the picture late Tuesday afternoon. The three dust-covered firefighters were raising the flag on a tilted pole about 150 yards away.
“The shot immediately felt important to me,†Franklin said. “It said something to me about the strength of the American people and about what these firemen had gone through battling the unimaginable.â€
Franklin spent most of the day after the collapse in the vicinity of the World Trade Center. He said it was hard to comprehend what he saw.
“I've shot hurricanes, earthquakes. But I've never seen anything like what I was witnessing on this amazing afternoon,†he said. “There were times during the day that I cried. Nothing had ever touched me as emotionally as this.â€Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal took the Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of five Marines and a Navy corpsman raising the U.S. flag atop Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima in 1945.
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Ok Guys... One last time... I will leave it here for a few days. But please don't copy it, I am really scared of having to face a law suit especially since that photo is now known world wide... OK?

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I'm sorry, I don't understand how a painting of a photo is a copyright infringement? If you made prints of the photo and tried to sell them as your own that would be one thing, but I think the vision of the artist is what makes a work original. A watercolor is certainly different from a photo. Maybe I'm naive?
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Unfortunately a painting from a photo without the autor's consent is infringment of the photo copyright. A friend of mine asked for authorization to paint a photo from Associated Press. She would hav had to pay 100$ to paint the photo. If she wanted to sell it or make prints from it, she would have had to pay more...

However I agree with you in the sense that my painting is my vision but the law doesn't see it that way...

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