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I made a cat page last night and was wondering...

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How in the world do you make pics that small? I tired evreything I could think of and nothing worked! I have disk after disk and nothing I did made the pics smaller and with the same clearity they had at the original size.
I want to post some of the pics I have but I can't do it! HELP!!!
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Do you have Adobe Acrobat? Its free, and thats what I used to size my kitten pics for Bodlover...although it took me forever to find the right size...my fault.

You just open the pic you want, and it basically walks you through it. I sized my pics to 2", and that seemed to work. You can trim them , size them, change them to bmp, jpeg, etc, make them black and white, distort them, all sorts of stuff!

I'm a computer moron, so if I can do it, anyone can!
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Cleo, can you do this if your pics are from a disk,(I had them put on a disk when I had them developed) and saved onto your computer in your documents, and not onto a website??? I also need help with this...I have pics of Merlin and my other furbabies ready to post, and I can't because they are too big!!! I know I could send them to another member to post, and that is probably what I will do, since several kind people have offered, but I kinda wanted to be able to do it myself, so I could give an explaination for each picture.
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Debby, I'm sorry I dont know anything about the discs, I've only had 1 roll of film put on disc, and have never tried to use it.
I don't see why not though, it (Adobe) has so many options, it seems that should be there too.

If I were you, I'd download Adobe Acrobat, like I said, its free, and see what you can do. I use this a lot, even with my tempermental computer!

I'd love to see your pics...so hurry up! :LOL:
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You can join www.photoisland.com for free and then upload your pictures and resize them on their site. Then use their auction link to post them here. You can also put frames around them or do other special effects. I joined them to post pictures on message boards as some do not have the upload option.
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Well Heck, I'll have to check that out!
Thanks for the link!
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You could use the paint program on your computer..... it's under Accessories! I have used that in the past, and seems to work well. But, now I use Adobe Photoshop. If you want, jugen, send them to me & I can size them down for you!
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I have this adobe thing but I dont' know how to use it! It keeps saying that I can't open my pics because they are don't have %phf or something like that in front of it???
LOL! Cleo, I guess ia m a bigger computer moron that you ! LOL!
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Hi there Jugen :angel2::daisy:

I like to use Adobe Photo Deluxe or PhotoShop...you can buy these in the stores, or you can probably download something from CNET...they have a variety of programs...shareware that you don't have to purchase if you don't keep them. Most of these have a thirty day limit...but it's great to learn on and it's possible that you may like it well enough to purchase one. You can probably purchase it that way much cheaper than you can in the stores too.

Hope that helps ...Oh, and I'm sure any one of us that has these programs would be glad to help in the interim.

Love & Peace
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