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Gigantic Pigeons

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I've been saving this story ALL WEEK since the boards have been down.

My bf and I were watching a show last week about a guy who races homing pigeons. Well, we have a 47-inch t.v. (a housewarming gift to my bf from his parents when he moved in here--the giant t.v. is SUCH a guy thing ...but I digress). Anyway, as soon as the kitties saw the enormous pigeons on the t.v. they went nuts swatting the screen--thump, thump. Nathan even jumped up on top of the t.v. and hung down in front of the screen, like he was trying to get a better angle on them or something. We were laughing so hard, we didn't get to hear any of the show. But the best part came when Nathan slowly crept around the side of the t.v. to peer behind it--as if the pigeons were somehow hiding back there. For the rest of the night, no matter what else was on the t.v. the kitties sat there staring, like they were waiting for the gigantic pigeons to come back.
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I love when that happens. We bought our cats a video called "Feathers for Felines" and all it is is birds. They love it. It is the best entertain for them and for us!
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Originally Posted by adymarie
I love when that happens. We bought our cats a video called "Feathers for Felines" and all it is is birds. They love it. It is the best entertain for them and for us!
Do you know where I can get that video? They'd love it, I'm sure.
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i wish my kitty went beserk over the tv! lol
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Occasionally Jasper will react to chirping on TV.

Gainsborough - (our "blue boy RB)- was transfixed by an episode of "Believe it Or Not and when I tried to push him aside so the rest of us could watch, he shot up in the air, did a 360 and disappeared.

Aloysius (aka Cousin Al or Al-o-wishus RB) was deaf and got involved in a Muppet Show performance by a shadow puppeteer. He watched the shadows of the animals but was most intrigued by the mouse. At one time he even looked behind the TV for that mouse!

But these were all 20" TVs. I can't imagine what they would've done with a big screen like yours!
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I got the videos at a local pet store in Toronto (they are Canadian made), but they are available at Amazon
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My kitties want your kitties to know that the big birds aren't all they appear - definately not more to play with. In addition to the 4 cats we have 11 birds, quite a few of them BIG - the cats casually glance at the big guys, try not to make eye contact and stay at least 4-5 feet away from an uncaged big bird and at least a foot away from a caged one.

Now the smaller birds... THAT's a different story.
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I think my princess would like a copy of that video, she can't leave my little budgies alone.
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I would love to have seen that! Mine do that when anyone plays video games!
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That's awesome!
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Wish I could have seen that
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The half-kid Tiger climbs on the telly whenever "Planets funniest Animals" or "Animal cops" is on.
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Lily loves basketball or bouncing balls of any kind on the tv.
It's so cute to have her head going back and forth watching.
She has done the go behind the tv thing too, thinking when it went off the screen it was back there.
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We were watching a race one night and all the cats were sitting around the tv, their heads moving back and forth like crazy watching the motorcycles zip by on the screen.

Emma always tries to catch the butterflies on my screen saver too.
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