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My girlfriend and her cat moved inn H E L P!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok WE NEED HELP.I have a female cat alex she is 7 and is 12lb inside cat.Who loves me and does not like women an will tolerate men.My girlfriend just moved in with her cat roxy 2 years old and very sweet.I have read all the info on putting them together.seperate rooms.Blanket between rooms everything that I read.It has been three days .We let them see each other through the crack in the door.Well hissing scratching and running and hiding.My main problem is my cat is now hissing and clawing at me sometimes.At night we put roxy in the bathroom and let alex roam free.This morning when I went to get her she hissed and tryed to scratch me.I jad to get a blanket to catch her and isolate her to isolste her.Now she is in the bedrooom resting on the bed and will now let me pet her.I am going crazy and I am worried they will never get along does anyone have any advice for us will this ever end.Why is she being mean to me.PLEASE soemeone help me.I dont know what to do or expect.Thanks in advance Glen
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Seems to me that she will always be your woman
I never had a problem with putting cats together, only that i have a problem with my rabbit and my kitty because... Bunny was the boss, but now kitty is bigger and he seems to be the boss of my bedroom haha.

The cat might be angry at you about your girlfriend moving in. Give it some time, some cats take months to get along.
3 days isnt enough. Just have patience. As time passes it will be fine
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Glen, I'll move this to the Behavior Forum where our resident experts will see it.
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I think Alex has a case of the green eyed monster! I know a lot of my friends had a problem with their cats turning on them when their partners moved in!

Make sure you maintain the affection you gave to her before you girlfriend moved in and reassure her when she is arround Roxy.

It does take time, but things will get better! Good Luck!
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Thank you for moving the thread.How long should I wait to let them see each other.
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Please help me with any thing you can stories tips what I should expect what I should do time frame for them to meet please help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi Alex,

Please be patient when it comes to answers as we just recovered from a crash and there is much to do to get the board going again. Instant answers aren't always the best ones to receive in a situation like this

What you have is common when you introduce two cats together. There will be hissing, posturing, swatting, growling, chasing as the two try and figure out just how to share their space with each other.

www.catsplay.com or www.felinefurniture.com

If you don't have a cat condo, I would suggest you purchase a nice sturdy one. Cat ramps and cat shelves are good too. www.katwallks.com You want to create an illusion of space when there is none (to speak of) A cat needs to feel secure, and sometimes getting off the floor is all it takes to settle things down a bit.

Also, when they did meet, if you carried the newcomer into the room, you automatically created tension between the two cats. The higher the cat appears the more in control of the situation it is. Alpha cats are always high cat on the totem pole, and will seek out the tops of dressers, counters, shelves in a multiple cat household. So if they do meet, let them meet casually, on their own terms. Keep your door cracked between the rooms, keep your stress level well down. If they sense you are upset, as your post indicates, you will transfer that stress right to them.

If they hiss, don't yell or try to get them apart. Leave them alone but watch them causually. Your warning signs that there will be a war are:

narrow slitted eyes and predatory stare
tail tucked low between the legs, almost not visible
ears flat back

If they tangle, keep a dark blanket that is fairly heavy nearby and when they roll and rabbit kick, throw the blanket over them gently. It will startle them apart.

Stay away from your cats for a few days as far as petting goes, you are liable to get bit while so many new scents are in the house. You can alleviate some of the scent stress by one of these methods:

use vanilla extract several times a day, small amounts, on their chins, and the base of their tails

dust each cat with brewers yeast several times a day. If your cats do not get aggressive on catnip, you can put down some loose leaf catnip and some brewers yeast and mix it up. The cats will come over and play and roll, and their scents will combine with the catnip on their fur and they will smell the "same."

www.biovet.com has a product called a Feliway Comfort Zone Room Diffuser. Invest in two of these and start burning them in the two rooms where the cats most likely converge~

Good luck! And really, it doesn't sound to terrible, they will sort it out in time-
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This was interesting! thanks MA. While we don't have this problem at our house, it was fascinating to read and VERY good to know if we end up getting Sasha another kitten.
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I know the feeling or a cat hiss. My fieancee brought over a friedn from work and Trish fell in love with him. She would lay on him and never leave his side until he left that is. Well Trish became agressive towards me and hised at me. I figure she is mad since the guy left. Weird huh.

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