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This post is for Debby

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Just wanted to let you know that this morning they had an interview with Larry Hawk the director of the ASPCA in New York. It has been his daunting job to organize the search parties combing the area for lost and left behind pets.They have rescued everything from gecckos to goldfish. They only have a small number left to rescue, surprisingly they have had very little fatalities, and most of the animals are in pretty good shape. he also talked about how they are going to award a medal to a Golden Retreiver who successfully led his blind master down 78 flights of stairs in the second tower and into a safe hiding place. He said that at the beginning of the disaster, he had spread sheet upon spread sheet of lists of people who wanted their cats and dogs back. Now, he only has a few sheets. Many of the animals were able to escape from the crumbling buildings through holes and such, so I just wanted to let you know.
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That is wonderful news! And that dog SHOULD get a medal. And they say that human lives are more valuable than animals. Hah!!!

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that he lost his sister in the tragedy. She was in the second tower when it collapsed.
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That the animal planet rescuemobile is now on its way back. It is not needed anymore. They have 3 triage centers set up for the animals that have been rescued and no critical cases
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HISSY!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I have been worrying about this, and now I can put these fears to rest!!!!!

Thank you so much for this post!!!
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