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What to get a mom for Christmas

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I have no idea what to get my mom for Christmas this year and I am hoping someone else has as picky a mom as I do that can help.

I've kept track of all the items I have bought in the past 10 years that she has poo-pooed. Salad shooter-she couldn't figure it out, candles-smelled her house up when she lit them, shirts are either make her sweat or make her look pale, bracelet and ring "bothered" her, spices-the bottles were too plain, a quilt-she didn't want to take it out of the box, gift certificate to the fabric store-she really doesn't have the time for sewing anymore etc, etc, etc.

I ask her what she would like and she says "oh you don't have to get me anything". I'm about ready to do just that! Any ideas of something different and creative?
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A gift certificate to her favorite restraunt and a movie?
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Book gift certificates always work for my mom. As well, look for something she collects. My mom collects angels. I have bought her glass ones, Christmas ornament ones, ones made out of dough and stained glass window ones. A lovely framed picture of you and your mom for her room would also be a nice touch or even an album of pictures of your special times together!
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Get her flowers, because they look lovely, and when she doesnt want them or when they die she can just bin them with out complaining?
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Abby, I have an idea that has worked well in the past for very picky moms!
I made a certificate, a really big one, about 11 x 17" paper and was very creative in how it was decorated.
The certificate was a Certificate of Time
I don't know how many moms and women I have spoken to in the past couple of years that have vented they have no real time for themselves....and that their lives are so harried, hurried, and hassled. Many of these women are the ones who always say, "oh, you don't have to get me a thing, dear!". So I made a Certificate of Time, with the details on the Certificate that for x amount of hours (in this case I gave this mom 6 hrs) I would be available for anything: cooking, cleaning, yard work, babysitting, grocery shopping, dusting, vacuuming, wash windows, run her a bath, foot massage, transportation services anywhere......and she loved it. Nobody had ever given her a Certificate of Time before and she did call me about 4 months later and used it! A friend of mine gave her mom the same thing, but called it a Princess Day Coupon. So it's just an idea....
I hope she likes whatever you do, though!
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Oh my mom must be related to your mom! Lol... just teasing!

For my mother's birthday in October I just sent her some gorgeous purple flowers from, they came in a nice purple vase to match.

Does she like to curl up on the couch with a blanket? Maybe a soft throw would be good for that? Does she have any movies she'd like on DVD... Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibilty are 2 of my mother's favorites. Maybe some unscented/lightly scented candles? Does she take baths - bubble bath - or maybe a scented body wash/loofah?

Hope any of those helped and good luck! Let us know what you decide and what she thought!
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most of the time i get her a gift certificate to her fav resturant... it is hard to buy for both of my parents... so i usually just ask what she wants, even if she knows what she is getting, i would still rather have it that way then get her something she is not gunna like or use... this years she told me to get her new towels, so i went to jcpenny and bought a bunch of towels and such in the colors she asked for...
i will also get her something on the side that she collects(shotglasses) they are cheap and there isnt one that she will turn down
but i try to do that with most of my relatives, buy something they they collect, unless they have mentioned wanting something else...
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How about donating to a charity in her name? Just a thought.......
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I did forget to mention last year's gift which she did like. I bought her 2 tickets to the Manheim (sp) Steamrollers Christmas concert and made my dad take her. They never go out together because they both work constantly. She collects those Willow Tree Angels (the ones that are carved and have no face) She has millions of them and calls them her harem because she only has one male and the rest are women and children lol. Maybe I can find another one that she doesn't have?
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My mom moved to Florida 3 years ago so I just send her goodies from Hickory Farms.
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Originally Posted by Abby7625
She collects those Willow Tree Angels (the ones that are carved and have no face) She has millions of them and calls them her harem because she only has one male and the rest are women and children lol. Maybe I can find another one that she doesn't have?
Just to help a bit incase you do get another Angel... My Mom has millions of them too! Willow Tree Angels

Of course lots of places sell them but I think they have the most at that site, just to give you some ideas

This one is Mother and Daughter and is a Christmas Tree ornament.
Hope that helps!
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Their displays of groups looks just like my moms! lol

I want the one of mother and son, that is exactly what I do to my boys when they are standing near me talking. I love it! Im going out to her house tomorrow while she is at work and checking out which ones she has and which ones she doesn't. She has several ornaments too so I am going to snoop and get one that she doesn't have (if any). She says she has them all, but I only remember seeing one father.
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I am having the same problem with my MIL/FIL.
I thought about looking into a little road trip.
We live 2 hours from Nashville, TN and they have a
Christmas special of some sort.
I think it's a show and hotel package.
Still gotta look into details, but an idea maybe?
They like the Branson, Missouri thing and they love Nashville for the Mall....soooo......
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How about a letter with a few of your childhood memories? For example, my mom always let me play with her tins of buttons when I was sick. I've never forgotten how fun it was, looking at those buttons and imagining who they used to belong to. Little memories like that stay with you, even when you're all grown up with kids of your own. No one else has claims on her as mother except you (and your siblings), so it's truly a special one-of-a-kind gift. (Use pretty stationery.)

Sometimes, our mothers don't know what we remember about them. And when you put it in your handwriting, that makes it more special. Perhaps you could include that with your willow angel? (The mother/son one is gorgeous!)
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I got my mom a down throw, a sampler pack of perfume, not a candle but a plug in thing from bath and body works. How about magazine subscriptions, gift cert for a bookstore, new herbs and spices??
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So many great ideas! Have you ever heard of Cirque de Soliel? It's a wonderful...I can't even describe it. It's a performance where so many things are going on at once. Here is the website:
I wish I could say that Steve & I got our moms tickets, but we DID get them DVDs.
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For my Mum this year I'm getting her a set of lovely hand painted wine glasses, with cats on and they come in a beautiful box.
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There is always a pampering session, a manicure, pedicure. I have one friend whose mother gets her hair done every week and a perm every few months. She pays the hairdresser in advance for her mom's hair appointments for part of the year and her siblings each pay for part so that her mom ends up never having to pay the hairdresser.
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