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Pneumonia, might be FIP?

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About Sneakers: He is Siamese, 8 years old and overwieght.
Symptoms: Chronic cough, left watering eye, blood in vomit, trouble breathing and sometimes choking for air.

Right now Sneakers is at the animal hospital being treated because early yesterday morning he was choking and throwing up blood. The doctor has told us that he thinks Sneakers might have Pneumonia. He told us the possible causes, which included FIP.

My question is, can an indoor single cat get FIP? He has never been in contact with any other animal also, so how could he have contracted FIP?

Also, Sneakers lungs were full of liquid (I think blood, because the doctor said that was why he was throwing up blood, that it was from his lungs and not his stomach), and he has been coughing alot for months now (I always thought he was trying to get rid of hairballs), with these two factors, what are my cats chances of surviving and becoming his normal self again?

I am very very worried right now and I would like to know what you all think. The doctor did not tell me that his condition was fatal, but then again I did not ask. I was so paniced at the moment that I didn't think to ask any of the questions I have now.
I will be asking the doctor these questions later today when I go back to check on him.

Thanks for any responses and I hope there is hope out there for my cat Sneakers.
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Here's a link that will help you understand FIP:


FIP is not one virus but a group of many viruses. I also have a cat that was EXPOSED to FIP. It doesn't mean he HAS it, it just means he has been exposed to it. He's a fine 9 pound healthy little boy who is very active, playful, happy and has an appetite like a horse.

What I would suggest that you write down every single question you have and ask your vet. Sometimes when you are stressed, you tend (I know I do) to forget questions you meant to ask. Asking questions will help you understand FIP better and will also help you help Sneakers in his recovery.

I wish you luck and hope you will keep me posted.

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As for the question on FIP, If the kitten was born in a cattery with FIP then it is possible that he has it. Sometimes the strong kittens will survive for years but if the immune system is compromised for any reason the FIP will kick in.
Has the vet checked or mentioned cardiomyopothy? It has been found in several breeds including the siamese. Signs are fairly similar to what you were describing.
I am sure during his stay there, they will do thier best to find out what is causing it all.
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I just got back from visiting and sadly he did not look too good. He isn't really responding very well to things around him now. The doctor snapped his fingers above his head and he didn't look up, although while we were there he did become alert when hearing the noises of other animals, so I am not sure if he is shutting down or what. He looked a little depressed also or maybe tired. The doctor said it could be because he is in a strange environment, but it looked really bad to me. He also didn't have much of an appetite.

The doctor told us that he has tested negative to all the diseases they screened him for. FIP, FIV, heartworm, etc. The doctor said that was a good sign, but that he might have DIP. I don't know what that is, but from what he described it happens when the cat is trying to combat something. He also told us that his temperature was at 99 and they needed to place a heat lamp over him to warm him up (he also said it was strange that Sneakers had that temperature but was not trembling), and again my mind went so blank and I can also hardly remember every single detail he gave us.

Today they are taking him off the IV and going to start trying to give him the medications orally. Tomorrow they will call to let us know if we can bring him home.

The doctor also said that we need to take him to a specialist who will stick a camera in his lungs to look around to see what is happening. His left lung is what really has the doctor worried because it keeps bleeding.

The doctor also said that he thinks what might be causing the problem is Sneakers weight. He is really overweight (he weighs 20 lbs.). He thinks Sneakers is having trouble breathing and getting oxygen to his entire body. Also, he said that it looks like Sneakers only starts to cough with them when they handle him, so stress might be bringing it on.. he said that makes him think it is more Asthma now.

I think we will know more when we take him to the specialist, I will keep everyone posted. I am praying that his condition improves, it seems so scary that one day he was acting so normal and happy and today he looked the complete opposite.

I am going to be writing down all my questions today to take tomorrow. I am also going to start looking for information on DIP. Alot of research to do tonight, I hope I find some answers. I will also look up cardiomyopothy and ask the doctor about this, he never mentioned it so it is something I should ask him about.
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Also, does anyone know the full term for DIP? I am searching the internet right now, and it isn't pulling up the right information. I keep getting sites for how to dip your cat for fleas. If I had the actual medical term for DIP it would make my search alot easier. Thanks
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