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Some new photos

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I took some absolutely adorable photos of the kittens yesterday, and I wanted to share them. Take a look when you get a chance. They are 5 weeks now, and EVERYWHERE!!!

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Meant to say that the kitten in pic #6 is the one we are keeping! I wish I could keep them all, but I don't think there is a prayer in h*ll that my husband would agree..........oh well, they all have good homes to go to so that puts my mind at ease.
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Oh Daniela they are just so sweet!!!!! Adorable little furballs
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Daniela, they are so beautiful and cute,thank you so much for showing us.

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they are precious.

make sure Donna takes one home with her
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OOOOOOHHHH so sweet!! Gimmie!! :LOL: :LOL:
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AWWWW they are adorable.
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Hey AP, I figure once Donna SEES them, she'll just have to have one!!! Just kidding, I know she is only coming to look and not take! I really really don't want to give them away. The thought of the day they leave makes me so sad. But if I had to care for them all, I don't think I could either. I'm happy with the one that I've chosen to keep, although if any of my other "homes" that are supposed to take them don't go thru, then they will stay with us. None of them will become shelter kitties, that is for sure!!

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they are very lucky little kitties to have you
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OOOOOooooo so many kitties!! They are all absolutely GORGEOUS!! I just wnna squeeze 'em!!
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Daniela...They are all soooo adorable!!
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Ofoto says the page is unavailable!

I wanna see the kitties too!
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Cleo, Sometimes if there is too much traffic at ofoto it will say "unavailable". Try again maybe later on tonight. Sorry
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They are wonderful.
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Soooooo cute!!!!!! I just love kittens.
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