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Message for Bodlover...

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I had 3 men into the bar tonight from England, 2 native, 1 traveling through from Australia. Their accents got my attention and we started talking, they were so fun and the subject went to you and this site.

They told me they are from Luton, which they say is less than 20 miles from you?...maybe they were pulling my leg?

Anyway, they said to tell you "The Mad Hatter" says BLUE ARMY!!!

apparently that is some football/soccer reference?

I thought you might get a kick out of it....the Aussie guy then proceeded to get on the bar and shake his rump...it was a fun night to say the least! :laughing2:
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Hee hee I'd like to have seen the "rump shaking" :laughing: !! I think Luton is only about 20 miles from me actually - its not far anyway (I have flown from the airport there before)!! As for the football reference - I haven't got a clue what that is all about!!:laughing2 Im afraid I know ZERO about football!! oh well!! Thanks for passing it on though!! ha ha ha I wish I did know!

So did anything come out of the "rump shaking" eh? (more importantly, was it a rump worth watching!!?) hee hee!!
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