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Ever think of not giving a gift ...

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...because you want to keep it for yourself?

I bought Mom a neck pillow stuffed with those microbeads. It also has a removable massager. I have been soooooo tempted to keep it for myself! I took it out of the box and have been playing with it while working at the computer. It just feels so neat!!

Sigh, guess I'll have to buy one for myself - if I have any money left after I do my other shopping. (yeah, right...)
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I did Jan just 3 weeks ago!. I bought my sister a set of candles that were in red and gold glass holders and they had a lovely christmassy mulled wine smell!. As soon as i looked at them when i got them home i thought "I wish i'd bought some?!". So i opened them and put them away for christmas and bought her another set the week after.
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nope, I'm not doing Christmas shopping this year. Darrell and I are going to Cancun in 6 days!! (on Dec.12 - 19)

But what we are planning on doing for our family is taking a good picture of us on the beach with the white sand and blue water around us, putting the pics in nice frames (hopefully FROM Cancun) and giving those as gifts. Last year we went a little overboard getting family gifts from Puerto Vallarta so this year is all about us. We're even going first class!
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Wow! Sounds nice!
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hahaha, we once bought an engagement present for friends - a gorgeous vase - and kept iit ourselves and bought them something else!

we still have it and laugh over it all!!!
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That sounds cool! Maybe you should hint hint hint to someone that you want one for your own!
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Hi Jan....we missed you!!! Oh heck yes, I've kept more presents than I can count...........but I always replace them!! LOL
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hehe so far instead of christmas shopping i went shopping for my self!
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I bought my sil two sweaters.. that I wore already. hehe.. but don't worry I got her another one that i got wrapped immediately so I can't tamper with it.
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Hi Jan! Have you missed you too. Yup, this always happened to me - just yesterday infact. I went christmas shopping and brought my friend this delicious smelling body scrub - but I can't afford another one for me, and plus it's already wrapped. *sigh*
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so far I havent been tempted to take the things I give, usually its because my whole family have different tastes so its easy for me
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