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Nanmadol and TCS

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Natural disaster and TCS down! What a terrible week!
Well the typhoon has left the Philippines and TCS forum is back...God has answered my prayers!
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Yeppers... I saw that on our local news. Glad you and the kits are okay.
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Yes...I heard about that on the news too...how scary!!!
Was it close to where you live???? Thank goodness you all are alright!!!
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How wonderful that you're ok!
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I'm glad you and the kitties are ok.
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Thank you all! It was a bit scary, but the city wasn't hit as badly as in the farmlands. Now if only we could learn from this terrible experience and stop cutting down our trees!
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glad you're ok!! I hope that it didn't cause too much damage?!
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I'm sorry you had to go through that, My State was hit by 4 hurricanes and 1 strong tropical storm in a span of 6 weeks. I felt two of them (Frances and Jeanne) and a couple of feeder bans from Charlie. I'm also a Hurricane Andrew survivor, I was only 11 years old back then, but it was the scariest day of my life. If I would have known that a cyclone was heading your way I would have send you some good vibes.
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that must have been so scary! Glad you and the kitties were okay!
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Just curious - which one do you consider was the worst disaster?
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im glad youre all okay
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