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apparently distemper is going around in Edmonton and so far they had to put down over 200 cats and over a 100 are being watched, so people cant adopt any cats until they get it contained and people who have adopted cats in this month have been asked to bring their cats to the vets to check them up, and people arent allowed to have their cats outside just incase their cat catches it, its horrible! Im glad my girl is inside all the time even though she's been trying to get out lately that cat of mine
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That's terrible! I hope she doesn't catch it.
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At least the immunization for panleukopenia, the name for distemper in cats, works quite well. Within a couple of weeks of their shot, most cats have developed immunity to it. Kittens may not, though, until 16 weeks old, since the passive immunity they get from their moms interferes with their own immune response, so if you know anyone with a kitten who has not gone through the whole series, they should take extra precautions. They should not only keep their kitten in, they should not pet any cats or kittens who have not gone through the whole series. Panleukopenia is a very hardy virus, it can stay alive in the environment for a year. Fortunately, bleach diluted one ounce to a quart will kill it. Anyone who has a cat get sick with it should clean all hard surfaces with a bleach solution. Becky
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I'll move this to SOS, I think that's the appropriate place for it.
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how awful - i hope they get it contained quickly - look after that little girl of yours
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As long as your girl has had her Distemper series, and is current on vaccinations, she'll be fine.

I brought a foster kitten into my house who was diagnosed with an advanced case of distemper. I have three males, and my vet told me not to worry, becuase they're healthy and have had their shots.

However, I can't foster for a year and half, just to be on the safe side. And they've bleached the area she was kept in at the shelter, and are watching all the unvaccinated cats she was exposed to.
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