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< A movie from a old TV Show series...Bewithched....so sorry if I misspell ..
and Tomato sauce my favourite!

> I see your pic with your purple sweater, you looks terrific! ...

v Have you ever to eaten Snail from the Sea? ...I do!
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^ Nope

> Nearly time to go!

V What ya doin?
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< Chatting with you! and checking some papers from the office...

> This weekend I want to spend it on the beach!

v Favourite Artist is?....
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^ Sting and the Police

> Hi Rigel! Back from the dentist!

V Do you like to give your cat catnip?
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< interesting Question Karen, ...Catnip practically doesn´t exist here in México.. once I buyed in a store an essence of Cat nip in spray and I put on a mouse toy to him and he didn´t like it... I´m so sure the essence is not equal at the real plant.......

> Chewing a gum now!

v Do you like to listen the music of Wilson Philips?
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^ sure do!

> almost time to make dinner.....

V Have you ever had Lindt chocolate truffles?
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< Is a brand of chocolates????.......If I ever to try the chocolate truffles yes And there are so delicious!

> Here in Merida exist 3 stores from Sears and Liverpool

v Have you ever to listened the Song "Hotel California" but singed by Wilson Phillips?.....I do! and sounds great!
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^ Sure have

> Abby is chasing a fly - I think she is feeling better

V Do you like corn?
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> I'm on top of the world, looking down on creation..

V What ya doing??
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^ Wondering if my Mum, dad and Sis are back from Canada today!

> Drinking Camomile and Seasoned Apple tea!

v Do you like herbal tea, which is your favourite?
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^ I've tried to like it but I don't

> I had a 1/4 Pounder today!

V Do you like sushi?
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^ Love it!

> Lovely day again!

v Do you have fans or air conditioning in your home?
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^ Two fans.

> I can't stand it! Ew! Ew! Ew!

V Do you hope to be a TCS mod one day?
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^ I wouldn't say no!

> What can't you stand?!

v Have you been on holiday this year? Are you going to?
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^ A few times. I'm going to Auckland in early October.

> Sushi!!

V Fave restaurant?
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^ Mr Chow - Parkgate, Wirral!

> Oh! I love it, but it's sooooo expensive!

v Do you have a favourite film? If so, what?
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^ I love, I am Sam!

> On MSN!

V How often do you go on MSN?
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^ I'm on Yahoo more often!

> Eating Molly's fur!

v Favourite love song?!
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^ Umm..I don't know? Why are you putting me on the spot?

> Time for bed soon, methinks!

V What was bedtime for you last night?
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^ Midnight, I think?!

> My foot is itchy!

v Do you have ticklish feet?
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^ I don't know. No one dares to go near them!

> I'm going to straighten my hair, blow going to bed! LOL!

V What is your current hair style?
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^ A bunch of hair towards the top of my head!

> Straightening much more entertaining than bed!

v Which famous person would you like to look like?
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< the Mask?......SMOKEN!!!!!............
seriously...maybe Roger Moore...

> Chewing a gum again!

v Do you like the 007 movies???????
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^ I like the older ones, not the new ones though!

> Why can't I knit more quickly?!

v What did you have for your last meal?
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^ bagel with cream cheese

> Still drinking my ice coffee

V favorite type of candy?
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^ anything chocolate or is that not considered candy?!

> my hair feels nice

V what ya do last night?
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^ I made peach sorbet and otherwise did nothing!

> Grad school starts in a week

V What day is your birthday?
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^ March 23rd

> Exams coming up!

V Do you do well under pressure?
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> making spaghetti sauce from scratch - wish me luck

V Do you have a favorite dish to cook?
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^ Almost anything, I love being in the kitchen!

> I've still got this darn cold.

v Do you get sick often?
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