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^ Felix, Whiskas, Sheba.

> I'm hungry!

v What's the last thing you ate?
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^ Chocolate Bavarian & Ice Cream

> I've got a dry mouth!

V How much water do you drink per day?
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^ I try to drink at least 6-8 glasses

> I have just put some chicken dippers in the oven for lunch!

V Are you bored?
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^ Nope nope

> bed is calling me!

V what size is your bed?
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^ double

> I've got a cancellation! Yay!

v What is your favourite colour?
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^ Pink

> OK bed time, Sam!

V Fave TV show?
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^ Shameless

> Night, night, Sam!

v What would you like to receive as a present?
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^ As a present, umm perfume! :bighthumb:

> Night Sarah! I'll probably be here for five more minutes!

V Are you a procrastinator? (sp?)
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^ a little bit!

> I think i'll mow the lawn!

v Do you enjoy gardening?
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^ I love it! This is the best time of year to be sitting out in a nice garden with freshly mowed grass....

> I really should get washed and dressed... it's nearly 1pm

v Do you think I am lazy?
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^ Certainly not! I've been sat in my pjs 'til three knowing I have an appointment at 4! The greatness of working from home!

> My windscreen is fixed now!

v Have you ever boken something at someone else's house?
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< When i was child yes! ...and try to not go back soon at that home...

> Daily the rain is falling here on my city on afternoons...

v have you ever to watched the new " Betwiched" with N Kidman?
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^ haven't seen it yet!

> got to go to the dentist

V when was the last time you went to the dentist?
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< To tell the true it was a year and few months........( our Dentist it was Ricardo... ...remember?...)

> I´m listening the Hits of TOTO

v how many pair of Socks with Kitty Designt do you have?
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^ I don't have any!

> Aaron is mowing the grass right now

V How is your day going?
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/\\ My day is going fine.

> Going out for lunch with my hubby at 1.

\\/ What's your favorite lunch meal?
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< Beef! ...

> the fog appear today early morning!

v What does mean..."Mowing the Grass"?.....Is cutting????...
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^ yes, it is cutting

> Abby isn't feeling well today

V When was the last time you ate in a restaurant?
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< Friday but 2 weeks ago....We usually buy the food to delively!

> Lots of Tequila on Abby?????........:just kidding! ...I really Hope she going to get well soon!

v Have you ever to try "Tapas"? is a kind of Food.........i´m not....
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^ Isn't that small amounts of food they serve at a bar?

> need to get ready to go soon

V favorite type of chocolate?
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< White!

> Today I bring chicken in slides.... fried! to eat!

v Gatorade or Powerade to drink?
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^ Neither! But If I had to choose, I woudl go for Powerade. I like the new Propel water by Gatorade though!

> Abby is sleeping

V Favorite breakfast food?
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< yes, propel is great I love the Peach flavour too!!!......Kellogs from the Tiger Cereal my favourite!

> I´m thinking to go today again at the Cinema to watch Charly and the Chocolate Fabric... I didn´t see it!

v do you wear glasses to improve your sight?
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^ sometimes

> got to leave soon

V what's for lunch?
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< chicken fried in slides...

> see you later my friend!

v wich one is the most favourite colour to you for paint your nails of your hands or your feet????
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^ Purple or Pink

> Just woke up!

V How much sleep did you get last night?
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< Just 8 hours!

Good morning Smurfette!

> the rain is coming now...

v have you ever to take a shower in the rain playing Baseball or else???? ...I´ll do it! ....and my team Won!
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^ Nope!

> Good morning Rigel!

V Do you feel clean or dirty?
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< ????????????? ....I have to say CLEAN!

> Last night we went to see it to Bewiched!

v Do you like the performance of Nicole Kidman in her movies?????
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^ Not really

> What's that Rigel?

V Fave pasta sauce?
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