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(I can read the minds sweetie! ...........)

< an ABSOLUTELY & WONDERFUL NOTHING!!!!... the printed paper is sometimes expensive...

> this week I see on the cinema "The Island" with E macgregor and I garantee that not was NZ...

v Plans to go at the cinema this week Sam?
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^ In a few hours infact...Rigel you ARE a mind reader!

> Enjoying some fresh orange juice!

V Do you prefer fruit juice or fizzy drink?
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
^ In a few hours infact...Rigel you ARE a mind reader!
....tsk, tsk.....I told you........I could to say you, now what is thinking about me! :......

<Fruit juice, if is Orange better!

> I love the Blue color to wear....

v are you having a nightmare this week?
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^ Nope.

> Going to have a shower soon!

V Fave soap? the brand?
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^ I like Bath and Body Works soaps

> Hot Hot Hot here today

V favorite candy?
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< with Grape flavour...

> today is a sunny day in Mérida!

vwhen was the last time that you to visit to your dentist?
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^ about a month ago. I was supposed to go on Monday, but I cancelled. I didn't feel well. I need to make another appointment

> Just put up an air conditioner in this room

V favorite type of food?
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< Mexican of course and Sea food............

> today I have rock music on my head!

v Do you have at leats the CD with the most popular songs from Nirvana?
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^ No, no Nirvana! I do like a lot of their songs though

> Probably goign to go out to eat later.

V any plans for today?
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< Yes! ....I´m going to work today like a Gardener.......Exciting Isn´t?............Yes I have to cut the Grass.....

> today My lunch It be Tuna Again!

v How many Malls there are in your city? and could say the name of it?...
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^ There is Swansea Mall in my town, but very close by I have Providence Place Mall, Silver City Galleria, Warwick Mall and Rhode Island Mall.

> Aaron was supposed to cut the grass today, but it is too hot!!!

V your cat's favorite toy?
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< Rug Ball and sometimes my feets...He like to bite me!:..

>Yeah is tooo hot here tooo.......but I have to do it today...

v How many times you get drunk in a partys?....(just for ask..)....( I never! ...)...
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^ a few times....never so much that I make a fool out of myself....

> hungry.....

V favorite breakfast?
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^ hmm... I don't really like breakfast foods. I'll say biscuits & gravy!

> Now I'm hungry.

v What are you having for breakfast?
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^ I had cereal with blueberries

> the AC isn't getting it cool enough in here!

V have you ever had poison ivy?
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< once and was sooo bad....... I´m allergic to poison of any bugs....

> ti´ll 15 minutes to go Home!

v do you know to work with Word, Excel, and Power point excelent?
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^ I dont' know if I am excellent at it, but I do know how to use them.

> Only 2 weeks to vacation

v what do you feel like eating right now?
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^ nothing, suprisingly

> just had an up & go

V what are your plans for the day?
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^ Petsitting for my mom

> I just had pudding

V If you could go any place in the world and do something where and what would it be?
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^ Go to Paris and eat!

> Undergoing the huge task of cleaning the cat room right now, posting as I go however

V What is your favourite home cooked meal?
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^ that's a tough one. I'll go with Lasagna

> I got NOTHING done today

V did you accomplish anything today (or if it's early morning, yesterday)?
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^ YES. I spring cleaned the cat room, took me about four hours but well worth it!

> Just had lunch

V What did you have for lunch?
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^ Well I got ALL the meds down all 4 cats and the breakable out of my room

> I am hoping to let Panther out of Isolation on tuesday

V Do you like OLD or NEW country music?
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^ Wouldn't a clue

> It's a lovely day here!

V What's your weather like?
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^ It was horribly hot today, we got into the car in the mid-afternoon and it was 110!!!!

> I am ready to go to bed!

V Do you get along with your siblings?
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^ my two, one more then the other

> lots of people out mowing their lawns

V how often do you mow your lawns?
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^ the yard people come out every Wednesday

> I want ice cream now!

V Do you like to watch tv?
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^ Sure I do!

> I feel like some chocolate but my dog ate it! Grrrr

V Are you going to participate in the third vacation thread if we have one?
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^ As much as possible

> I am watching the Simpsons now

V Do you like to watch the Simpsons?
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^ Yip

> Grr TCS!

V What makes you most angry?
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