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^ Strawberries

> Doing my 1.4..Ohhh well it's true Rigel, I do!

V What ya doing?
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^ Working on some ideas

> I hope the rain goes away! I've got a busy weekend outdoors!

v What are you doing this weekend?
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^ Not much... looks like I'll be home alone most of it, because Rune's social and work diary has suddenly become very full! Then when he does get back I shall probably have to play nurse, because the poor man is full of a nasty cold.

> I'm still in my pyjamas, lazy git that I am. Well actually it's my Garfield nightshirt... but close enough

v Do you have pyjamas with pictures on? (Or am I just a big kid) and if so... what of?
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^ Yes I do, I'm wearing my froggies!

> Need to go wees

V Favourite hair ties?
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^ Just normal hair bobbles!

> Molly is destroyin my Hibiscus!

v What are you planning to have for tea?
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^ I haven't had anything

> Grrr ex boyfriend is pissing me off!

V Fave colours to wear?
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^ I love to wear all colours! But I love yellow and green!

> I've got bills to pay today

v What is your favourite flower?
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^ Yellow Rose

> I just lazed around all day and vegged.

v What is your favorite candy?
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^ I love Haribo Super Star Mix

> I've had lots of great ideas for my work!

v Do you have a hobby?
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^ Showing my kittens

> Enjoying an Up & Go

V What's your weather like?
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^ Dull The report says it will improve this afternoon (hopefully to stay for the weekend!)

> Just got a postcard from my Mum - in Canada!

v What was the last thing you doodled on?
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^ My friend Dougs book in Science

> Going to the movies tomorrow

V Do you prefer cows milk or goats milk? or soy milk?
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^ I like Organic Cow's Milk!

> It's started to rain again and I was thinking of going out now

v When was the last time you injured yourself? What did you do?
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^ I had open the disc drive to the computer to switch out a season of Friends that we were watching and I turned around really fast a few seconds later and scraped my leg pretty bad. I still have the scar, I was probably really close to needing stiches... This was at the end of June.

> I am eating breakfast now...mmmmmm

V Would you like a three-day weekend on Fri-Sun or Sat-Mon?
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/\\ Probably Fri-Sun. Because going to work on Monday and thinking you have a short week ahead is better than coming in on Tuesdays and thinking that there are 4 more days to work.

> I'm alone in the office now. I love it.

\\/ When do you like to go on vacation?
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^ We always go the last week of August

> too hot out!!!!!!!!

V How is your weather?
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^ It's lovely now - great improvement from this morning! That it stays for the weekend!

> I need to get more organised!

v Are you very organised?
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^Yes, I have to be!

> I just had McDonalds for lunch...boy was that healthy!

V Are you ready for the weekend?!
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^ sure am!

> phone's ringing!

v does your phone ring a lot?
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^ Here at the office, about 50-100 time a day, cell phone and home phone from 1-10 times a day

> I am ready to go home!

V What do you do at work?
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< yeah, mom call or Mom in law too...a lot of times...

> I want a Coffe Tiramizu right now!

v Have you ever to wore a wig someday of you life?..... ( i mean for a costume or something else?......)
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^ no

> I am upset!

V What do you do at work?
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< making a special balance...( is A scenarie of a special movement of the products......something weid...

>Awww Candie.......can I help you..?...

v is raining in your area right now?
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^ No, it's over 100 degrees right now

> You can help by adopting two cats I can't find homes for

V Have you ever been fired?
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<....Thank to God nope...I usually Quit when I found another job...

> Damn.. Sweet Candie, I wish to live near to you to help you to found home to those lovely kittys..

v Are you feel tired about this situation? ( i Mean the cats homeless...).....sending good vibe to you .....
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^ ummm..

> i'm hungry

V what should I have for breakfast?
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< a Brownie!
Hi Smurfette!
> I feel me a bit tired today... I need a Vacations...

v You´re on vacations right now?...
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^ Nope but it is the weekend!

> Oh yum, I just had breakfast

V What ya doin?
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< a special report for the principal management....

> is big cloudy right now and the Rain is waiting to fall...

v do you have a umbrella with cats logos??????
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^ HAHA that's so funny you should mention that yes I do and I used it yesterday!

> it rained for the first time in two weeks yesterday!

V what print do you have on your toilet paper?
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