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^ no
> I don't have DVDs of any music group.
v What's your favorite music group/singer?
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^ I love Sting and The Police!

> Poison Ivy!!! - I am soooo itchy!

V Do you like to buy things with cats on it?
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^ I sure do

> On MSN

V do you like rodents?
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^ Yes - as long as they're not stealing my food or anything!

> It's dull again

v Do you own and use a sewing machine?
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/\\ NO

> I get paid Monday

\\/ What do you do if your free time (if you have any)?
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^ I don't really have any free time! But if I get a couple of minutes free during the day, I continue knitting (for Danielle/Huggles)

> Just finished a bit of cleaning!

v Do you have a favourite household chore?
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^ NO! But since I just got a new vacuum, I guess it's the least awful.
> Yawn.
V What time do you usually get up?
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^ Between 7am and 7:30am

> I've still got more cleaning to do

v Do you recycle?
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^ Yes!

> Today is our 3rd year anniversary!!

V Do you like your neighbors?
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/\\ Yes, they are so nice

> I love traveling

\\/ Does the person below me enjoy traveling?
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^ I love to travel, we're going on a cruise at the end of the month to Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen!

> I am ready to be done with work for the day!!

V Do you own your home?
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^ Sure do!

> Wow, is it hot in this room! I don't think I can stay in here much longer!

V How is the weather where yuo are?
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<thunder and lightning and raining

>I finally got my cranky baby to bed

Vis it day or night there?
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^ It is nearly 11pm at night

> Done all my homework. Woot.

V Favourite laundry powder?
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^ Asda own brand non bio

> What an odd question, Sam!

v Favourite day of the week? and why?
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/\\ Friday, because last day of the week before the weekends and I leave work at 12:00pm so I get half a day off.

> This Friday is the last short Friday for me. Back to regular schedule.

\\/Why did you last relationship end?
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^ We weren't really compatible, plus we were both interested in other people!

> I'm struggling with a design!

v What is the worst way someone has ever broken up with you?
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^ saying the oh so wonderful bs line i need time

>man work is really slow again today.

v anyone else bored at work
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/\\ I'm not bored at work, I'm just lazy (got tons of things to do but instead of doing it I'm here)

> I'm so happy my boss is away

\\/ Do you like your boss?
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^ Yeah, more times than not

> I had a weird dream last night! Spooky!

V What did you eat for dinner last night?
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^ corn on the cob, green beans and a garlic and cheese sausage.

> trying to straighten the house today.

V what are you up to today?
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^ working and trying to stay awake!

> I just ordered swatches for my new slipcover!!

V What is the decor in your living room?
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^ designers nightmare right now!!! off white walls, white curtains with different colored ferns on them (I HATE THESE CURTAINS) a set of blue furniture and a set of green furniture! WE moved here the end of December and went form 2 small living areas to oen large one. Eventually we will be getting rid of the blue furniture, buying new curtains, painting the walls, etc.

> Can't take this heat!!!!!!!

V what color are the walls of the room you are in right now?
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/\\ At work right now, so the color is off white

> Can't wait to go home to my cuties

\\/ What's your favorite month and why?
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August......because is summer and there´s not lot of work in the office!
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Uh Rigel....where's the rest of your question?
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^ Mumble mumble..

> Just had a shower

V Fave shoes?
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
Uh Rigel....where's the rest of your question?
OMG!...something is missed!

answering to Sam...
< Florsheim!

> today is a bit cloudy...

v did you see the Island? ...
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^ nope, but I live on an island....?

> about to leave TCS for the day

V what did you do last night?
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
^ nope, but I live on an island....?
.....Good one Smurfette! ....

< i went at the cinema to Watch "The Island" with Ewan Mc gregor...

> I want a capuccino now!..

v Strawberries or Blueberries? ...
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