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< you mean fast food? ( Wendy´s my fav! ..)...

> no problem Sam you know i´m kidding!

v how do you think to spend your saturday?
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^ Anywhere!

> Ahhhh didn't answer my question!

V and again, What kind of camera/digital camera do you own?
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^ Might be going to my family bach

> Now I'm too late

V but still no one has answerered my question - V What kind of camera/digital camera do you own? LOL!
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< Sony is about 5 mega pixels... but I don´t remember the number exactly of the model!

> I listening Disco Music ( 70´s......)

v when is the next Cat Show in NZ?
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^ There are five on this weekend but I'm not attending any!

> just had breakfast!

V have you been to Canada?
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< nope, but Gema always tell me that we need to go to visit Canada..

> recent i see that I have a bunch of Mp3!

v do you have a Palm? ( agenda electronic? ),....
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^ Nope

> Elmo is meowing at me

V What does Milkys meow sound like?
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< is not deep meowing.... is most... light and clear... and sometimes is really stuborn when he wants something!

> tomorrow in mexico is saturday yet, and is clean day...

v when usually is your clean day?
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^ Never! LOL!

> i've got sore fingers

V what was your best subject at school?
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< i believe Geography........(but don´t ask me......

> I love the watches of Titanium!

v do you like to wear Skirts?
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^ Definitly

> It's quite chilly

V What's the weather like in your NOTW?
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< can you believe this? in less than a hour it was sunny and right now is raining!

> i´m reading this http://www.thecatsite.com/Cats/Cat_S...ave_Souls.html is very intesting!

v do you paint the nails of your feet?
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^ yup

> cool i'll check it out!

V fave perfume?
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< hugo Boss ( the perfum is blue and the bottle is like a cantinploree)

> I like to swim at the beach...

v are you addict to listen music all day????????? ......I´m!
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^ Nope

> Got to have a shower soon!

V Do you have dandruff?
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< thanks to God Nope!

> Go chick go,, if you have you breakfast, bon apetite!

v Like to wear shorts in home?
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^ YUP!

> I'm leaving for my shower in 20 minutes! LOL!

V Fave computer game?
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< Pac Man! ....too oldie!!! ....but in arcade...Killer instic!

> in 1/2 hour go home!

v do you go out to make execersice? i mean Run?...
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^ Yup

> leaving in eight minutes...send me a PM before you go Rigel!

V Do you like folding washing?
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< you mean put in a special bag some clothes special to not ruined?

> now the rain is stoped!

v wich brand of shampoo do you often use?
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^ Johnsons kids, Pantene, Sunsilk..

> Off to have a shower now!

V Nope I mean folding washing as in folding it after it has been washed and dried ready to put in your drawers?!
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< thats clear! yes We use Snuggles...

> hope can i see " the diamonds are forever"...by james bond ( a movie)

v Do you like Jhonny Depp?
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^ Not really

> i've got an itchy eye

V what are you doing today?
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< saturday, work at noon, next go to mall to shopping....

>I don´t like to go to the Grocery store....

v Who´s the person do you admire at most!
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^ My dad.
> can't wait to go shopping in a few. It's tax-free clothing weekend!
v Is there someplace you'd rather live?
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^ I'm happy in the area I live in now!

> I've ahd a nice lazy day today!

V any plans for the weekend?
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^ not much!

> I'm hungry.

v What'd you have for dinner?
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^ It's not dinner time yet

> i've just got home

V do you prefer colour pencils or crayons?
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^ crayons

> getting ready to have dinner

v when did you cry last?
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^ Just a couple minutes ago, reading The Rainbow Bridge

>Ugh, I just ate a huge pecan delight candy!

v What is your favorite candy?
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