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< Black and I use to put alway normal sugar...

> My stomach don´t work with Lactose, I have to buy a special milk...

v wich brand of Milk you often buy? and how come? in cristal bottle or tetrapack box?
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^ I usually buy Skim milk(fat-free) and it is in a plastic bottle

> doing laundry - fun fun fun

V How's the weather?
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< bit cloudy!

> right now I´m making special notes for the balance of the CO

v do you like to paint your nails of your feet?
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^ I just did it yesterday for the first time in a long time. They are light purple!

> I picked blueberries this morning again

V How far away is the closest airport to your home?
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< about 1/2 hour to road....is close I think so...

> i Feel bit tired, ´cause yesterday we saw a James Bond Movie....( a oldie! ..)

v do you like the music of INXS?
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^ Yes I do!

> I have to leave soon to pick up Aaron

V Do you have any plans tonight?
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^ Nope

> It's cold

V what's the weather like where you are?
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< bit cloudy....the rain menace to come...

> I want a brownie to eat now!

v do you wear ring on your toe?
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^ nope

> aww poor Rigz

V what did you have for lunch?
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< Chicken with beans...

> thinking to go home early I´m a bit tired...

v do you like the oldies movies of the JAmes Bond? ( Agent 007)..
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^ not really

> mm we have aotea idol at school today

V can you sing or dance?
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< sing.... ..."under the Shower".......seriously like to sing!

> I´m wearing my boring uniform from the CO

v what does mean ....aotea idol?????....
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^ I don't know... how was it used?

> got to start getting ready to go out soon

V any plans for tonight?
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< nothing special I need to sleep this week have been so very very tired...

> I hope can I go home today early...

v How was you last night? do you rest so well?
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^ I did sleep a little better

> Getting thunderstorms around here right now!

V Do you have an air conditioner at your house?
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< only in our Principal room!

> the clouds appear right now! ....maybe fall the rain here again!

v How´s Aaron´s Trip? good, bad?..
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^ It was OK, but he is happy to be home! He missed his own bed!

> Got to go take a shower now....got to go out to a retirement party tonight

V How much water do you drink a day?
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< at least 4 litters per day! ....yes, i´m a human, not camell......

> I thougth a "Bachellor party" with Abby! ...

v you don´t like to wear Skirts often?
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^ I would rather wear pants, but I will wear a skirt tonight!

> I can't believe how hot it is!

V Do you like the rain?
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< If I stay at home, yes is great! but not when I have to go out!

> my favourite season is Summer!

v how many E-mails adress do you have? ...
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<I have 2 emails...hotmail and yahoo

>I have 8 pets(2 dogs 2 cats 2 gerbil and 2 fish)

v how many pets do you have?
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< Just only His Majesty Milky! ..

> the Weather is crazy!....now is sunny again! ...

v your fishes, have a name?
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^ I don't have any fish

> Trent just left!

V How many hours of sleep did you get last night?
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< Belive me or not around 6..... I was worried for somethings of work.....

> Awwwwww Sam...I can´t believe this... ..... can I send you a big hug from here? ... .....(please PM if want to vent........)...

v can you take only coffe like breakfast? or you need to eat something?...
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<coffee only

>I didn't eat supper yet

Vdo you live in a city?
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^ Yup, Porirua City

> No Rigel he left my house

V Do you play PS?
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< yup, City, Merida, state yucatan, country Mexico!

>I to eat meatballs to supper today!

v favourite Sport?
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
^ Yup, Porirua City

> No Rigel he left my house
V Do you play PS?

What can I tell you Chick!

you must be more specific!....bad chick you make feel worried for you! ......

...Oh my... what a shame.....
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^ Rugby!

> LOL Rigel sorry!

V What kind of camera/digital camera do you own?
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<swimming if you consider it a sport

>my baby is cranky and teething

V where do you like to eat
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