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^ 7:57 to be exact

> I call it tea too, Sarah

V Plans for the day?
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^ More knitting Got to finish the cardie for Baby Obes!! and hopefully some washing if the rain will stop!!

> Yay, i'm not the only one to go in for tea!

v What is the last thing you read - besides TCS?
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^ That would be once of the local papers

> Mum just got home

V Are you hungry?
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^ Nope! I think i'm still full from the vegeburger I had last night!

> Just listening to Macy Gray on Smooth FM!

v Do you have a DAB radio?
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^ What's that?

> Watching my favourite show. It's a good ep!

V Do you fart in public?
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DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting ie Digital Radio

^ Yup, if it needs to be released, it has to go!

> Oooh, the sun's trying to come out!

V How's your weather?
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^ Don't know. It's dark and the curtains are pulled but it was a beauty of a day here today

> oh nope, don't have one of them

V fave "game" in the lounge?
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^ Probably this one, but it dries my brain out thinking of the next question!

> I also struggle what to say here!

v What radio station do you listen to and what kind of music do they play?
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^ I listen to ZM they play the latest

> sometimes I do too but half the time it is just ramblings

is the grass greener on the other side?
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^ Next door doesn't have any grass, so I'd say mine was greener!

> I did LOADS of cleaning yesterday!

v Is the area where you're sitting tidy?
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^ Haha nope there is an old up & go box sitting in front of me and a sweet & sour sauce lid too

> about to get off the net and watch the simpsons!

V which do you enjoy most simpsons or futurama?
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^ Simpsons, definitely!

> I might be going to my fav car show on the weekend!!

v Do you like car shows?
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^Not really

> just had dinner & dessert

V what did you have for breakfast?
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^ A cup of tea and an herbal tea!!

> i'm knitting!

v what are you doing for the rest of the day?
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^ Going home from work (finally), getting into the old most comfiest tracksuit I have, making popcorn, getting into bed, cuddling up to my kitties, eating the popcorn and reading my new book, and falling asleep for a well-deserved nap!

> At the moment I am trying to psych myself to clean up my desk at work in preparation for the day tomorrow. I can't remember a time when I was this unmotivated I must be getting old...lol

v What is your FAVOURITE thing in the world to do when you get home after a long day?
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^ take my shoes off and hace a cup of tea!

> knitting, knitting, knitting!

V do you do any crafts?
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< lots of crafts of Kittys! I love collect all relationated about they! ..

>I´m drinking a big cup of Coffe!

v Do you wear Glasses? I mean you need it?...
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^ Yes, but I wear contact lenses a lot of the time!

> The sun has come out! Hoorah!

v Which game is your favourite in the 'lounge'?
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<Hummmm I think Song title! cause I like so much the music!

> I need a brownie for my coffe!..

v do you paint the nails of your feets?
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>I'm worried because my parent's haven't called yet.

V Do you like Spongebob?
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^ Yeah. He's cute!

> I just got my Holiday Gift Collection ABC book!!

V When do you start your Christmas shopping?
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^ Late November

> I don't have much time on here this morning

V Can you knit?
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^ Not very well! and not in a long time

> Need to go outside and pick blueberries

V How is your day going?
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^Fine so far. Thank you.

> I'm at college

V Fave berry?
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< blue

>Today I´m listening Jazz music

v Do you like the movie of the GRINCH of Jim Carrey?
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^ Yes I do !

> Just picked a bunch of blueberries in my backyard. Now I feel like ice cream!

V favorite ice cream?
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< Choco chips! with vanilla!

> recent I drinked my sooo waited cup of coffe daily!

v Do you know the music of Roberto Perera? here´s the link..
and I recomended so strongly!
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^ I've never heard of him before

> My husband is coming home from his business trip later today

V How is your day going?
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< a bit Busy!

> I want a Capuccino right now!

v The Lactosa to make you feel bad of the stomach?
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^ No, I don't usually have a problem with lactose

> trying to clean my hosue

V how do you normally drink your coffee?
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