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^ wood

> "Can they be made of something else", Silly Jilly wonders to herself.

v What are your plans for tomorrow?
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly
^ wood

> "Can they be made of something else", Silly Jilly wonders to herself.

v What are your plans for tomorrow?

^ As little as possible

> as well as being a holiday, it's the end of my vacation -- go back to work on Tuesday

V what have you done/will you do with this year's vacation?
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^ I'm going to Auckland with my Nana, Aunty & Cousins

> At college in 4th period

V Fave subject ?
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^ I used to like Math!

> My husband left this morning on a business trip

V How was your weekend?
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^It was nice... we cycled a few km out to the airport just to watch the planes land and take-off and found some really really cute little Norwegian Forest kittens for sale...

>I've finally got a new washing machine!! YAY!

vWhat are you planning for this evening? A quiet recovery from the weekend?
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< yup! that sound great Emma!

> today is bit cloudy around here!

v how´s your weather around your place?
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^ Hot and humid !

> Abby is sleeping right now.

V What was the best thing you did this weekend?
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^ Oh the weekend was days ago. Ummm being with my boyfriend.

> Eating breakfast

V What did you have for breakfast?
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< Boring Cereal with Banana again...
(hi Smurfette! ...Good morning to you! ..)
> I have to finisht to lunch and it was tuna!

v do you like tuna? and When you eated, do you share the tuna water with your crew?
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^ Nope. I don't like tuna.

> Good morning Rigel!

V Fave sport to watch live ?
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< Baseball, F1, Football American and Basquet.. in that order!

> Monday to Mexico and Tuesday to NZ! like the Tuesdays?

v wich one is your favourite colour to wear chick ? and wich one is your favourite accesorie to wear? ( I mean earrings, wacht hand or rings? ..)
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^ Pink, and a heart necklace which my Dad gave me

> I'm itchy

V do you prefer showers or baths?
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< boths but for the moment just only take Baths cause we don´t have tube at home..
>I´m feeling a bit tired today...

v do you like to take naps during the afternoon?
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^ Sure I do

> I'm off Rigel!

V How do you pronounce Porirua?
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< ::censor::censor::censor::

> see you soon Smurfette!

v Do you paint the nails of your feets? .........
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^ It's funny you ask that! Not normally, but I did pick up stuff today so I could!

> printing out some pictures right now...

V What's for dinner tonight?
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^ we had take out, fast and easy!

> liking AbbysMom's new avitar (just noticed it)

v When you go to sleep do you call the cats to come with you,d o they follow you anyways, or do they just sleep where ever they want?
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^ Generally they just follow anyway, but if not I call them and they come running. Sashka doesn't usually start out on the bed like Sunday, but she always ends up on it!!

> Am going to keep sitting here on TCS and not do any work until I get to 700 posts...lol

v What are your plans for the weekend?
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^ Going to be with my Mums ex boyfriend!

< Just got home

V Fave airline?
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^ Lauder (can't remember if that's spelt right, but Nicky Lauder - the racing driver's airline!)

> My wrist hurts

v Do you travel by train often?
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^ Yip

> getting off the internet soon

V do you watch Survivor?
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^ YES! I am a definite convert!

> I can't WAIT to go home I am SO going to sit on my butt and do NOTHING!!!

v Do you ever get in trouble from other members of your household cos they can't ever get on the net?????
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^ Nope, not really!

> I want to be out working in the garden instead of working

v Have you got lots of flowers in your garden/balcony/window?
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^ We have in our new house - it's beautiful, roses, petunias, daisies - gorgeous. I love it!

> I am SO not a garden-working type of girl. But I am going to go home tonight and do as many dictating tapes as I can seeing as I'm pretty behind at work...lol.

v What do you like doing most in the garden?
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^ I love planting and designing the layout! I'm a bit fickle though and end up moving things around!

> I might get out for an hour or so - wrist withstanding!

v What is your favourite garden plant?
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^ goodness kniws

> about to get off and have a shower

V do you use shower gel?
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< nope hard soap!

> i´m at the office rigth now...

v do you wear glasses ????........
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^ no but I wear contacts

> I look funny in glasses (needed them since I was 4)

v Do you have eye trouble?
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^ not at all

> eating afternoon tea

V what is your main meal of the day?
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^ I call it tea, but it's my evening meal!

> I'm so tired!

v What time did you get up this morning?
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