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< make a visit to a great friend.. and watch the F1 from Hungria!

> I want a Coffe cold right now!

v Do you cut your hair recently?
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^ Nope

> My nails are dirty!

V How often do you cut your nails?
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< every 2 weeks I dont like they´re long and hate to bit it!

> I listening Salsa music now!

v have you ever to danced Salsa Music?
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^ Ummm, good question...when I get a manicure, every month or so.

> We're having a poker party tonight!

V What are you doing tonight?
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Staying at my friends

I'm bored!

Who is your favourite cartoon cat?
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< Rent movie to wacht in home!

> last nigh I saw a Astros Game by TV and they Won! vs Mets!

v how many times have you ever to went at the Baseball game to Astros?
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^ Too late Rigel

^ Never

> I'm still bored

V again I ask, who is your favourite cartoon cat?
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Who is your favourite cartoon cat?
< Top Cat!

> I like the Herbie cartoon ( A VW car! ...from Disney...)

v Sam, would you make you a Colour Tatto of Smurfette???
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^ Heck no!

> my hands are sore from typing!

V do you like the great outdoors
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< you mean the landscapes?????????? ...yup!

> I want a cold coffe right now!

v do you like to chat by PC?...
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^ Yup

> I feel like a Ribena!

V do you like cold or hot milk, best?
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< Cold!

> Last night we eaten Corn...

v Wich one is the last movie that you watched on Cinema?
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> who's da cat.....you da cat!

V are you bored??
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<nope because I talking with my sweet Smurfette!

>I didn´t see it Madagascar, and Be hurry because it has around 1 month on cinemas!

v have you ever watched all movies from the Director Tim Burton?
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^ Nope

> I'm on MSN

V How's your wife?
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< She´s ok Thanks for Ask!

> is friday afternoon right now here!

v Is saturday morning to you? isn´t? In TV there´s not Cartoon every saturday?
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^ Yup, it's Saturday morning and there were cartoons on earlier

> Should go and have a shower

V What is your weather like?
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< Absolutely SUnny and Hot! ...:hot:

> I use a hard Soap to take baths!

v do you use a Liquid or hard Soap?
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^ Hard

> ABout to have a shower!

V do you have a greenhouse?
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< nope but I like some day to have one! ......

>Today i´m planning to eat Pizza!

(Bye.. Sweet Smurfette see you soon! ...)

v do you know the Music of Deep Forest? I recomend so strong! is cool!
Here´s the link!
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^ nope but you have showed my before

> cya later!

V do you like snow?
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^ sure do!

> feeling lazy today

V any plans for today?
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< going to prepar mass for tomorrow, and a bit shoppings at the mall..

> I feel a bit tired about the work of all week..

v do you know the music of Herp Albert? .....(Jazz Music.....)
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^ sorry never heard of that!

> I am trying for my first baby!

v what is your favourite hobby/interest?
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> Hi Ya! Friend! .....first to all, very Very Congratulations for your new born in coming! , take care please! ....

About my hobbie is collect all about Cats, books, toys, handcraft, well anything! ... and I really love the Formula 1 Races, my favourite Team is Ferrari!

> My wife is under medical prescription to try to get a baby Too! ....She´s not pregnat now but We really hope this year we can do it!

v How many Cats do you have?
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^I have one

> Congratulations Rigel and good luck!!!

v How many kids to you want to have?
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^ None

> Haven't been on TCS cine Yesterday afternoon!

V What is your favourite TV meal?
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^ hmmmm.... I like any kind of macaroni and cheese

> getting hot here again today!

V any plans today?
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^ anything not too messy

> I'm a big slob when it comes to dropping stuff on myself.

v Are you messy?
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^ Not really

> Not long on TCS this morning

V What are your window sills made of?
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