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^ Fine so far

> crap reception on the radio

V do you listen to am or fm?
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^ FM

> I prefer cd's though, the dj's around here are terrible

< What is your favorite cd right now?

Dang, I hope I did this right...LOL
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^ Fastcrew

> about to get off the internet

V most productive thing you have done today?
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^ Get up! Really though, I've planned my route to Oldham!

> I'm nervous, as I've never driven to Oldham!

v What did you do today/ are going to do?
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^ Today I went to college

> I'm kind of bored!

V Are you listening to anything?
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^ Only my printer!

> I'm too disorganised for my own good! *sigh*

v What time did you go to bed last night?
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^ 9:30 i went to bed after i woke up on the couch after falling asleep while watching finding neverland

> i need to clean my room

V how often do you vacuum?
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^Whenever I need to... sometimes more. It's therapeutic! Most cleaning is, for me

>I could do with taking a walk down to the bank and then getting food for tonight

vWhat are you planning for dinner tonight?
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^ I've already had dinner tonight

> Going to bed soon!

V What's the time in your NOTW?
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^NOTW? Ah... neck of the woods... it's only 11:30am!

>I'm considering another trip to the beach - it's all hot and sticky

vWhat would you do to make someone feel special (yes, I'm fishing for ideas)
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^ write them a poem!

> i'm soooooooo bored

V what do you do when your most bored?
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^when I'm most bored... I clean. Most situations I resort to cleaning.

>I'm going to the beach... I'm going to the beach!

vWhat's it like to have winters and summers the other way around in Aussieland? Like, to have a warm Christmas and stuff?
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< sorry México here! but we go at the beach and swim and ride in bicycle!

> today is a sunny day around here!

v do you like Bob Sponge??? ( I mean the cartoon.......)
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^ Yep! I like Sponge Bob! Aaron REALLY likes Sponge Bob!

> need to go do laundry and clean

V Do you drink a lot of water?
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< At least 3 or 4 Litters per day! .....I´m a Camell! .....

>Milky wear a neck lace antyFly now......

v how many necklaces has Abby? ...
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^ Abby wears one collar around her neck that has her rabies tag on it. She doesn't wear a flea collar. I put flea medicatin on her once a month.

> It's my brother's birthday today! My other brother is in Aruba.

V Do you have any brothers or sisters?
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< I´m the second of 4 brothers... no sisters! ( And we always when we were childs been fighting

> I always Ask me about what would be feel that I have a Sis...

v same question, do you has siblings?
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^ I have two half sisters

> Just got on the internet!

V what time did you get on the internet today?
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< around, 3 hours during the Mexico morning I thought early morning to NZ!

(Hi Smurfette! ...)

> Tomorrow Milky going to take a Bath!

v how long time you bath your cats? every Month? every Week?...
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^ only before they go to a cat show


V what are your plans for the weekend?
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< make a visit to a great friend.. and watch the F1 from Hungria!

> is really hot today here!

v do you have another name Smurfette?
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^ Not that i know of

> it's not too bad here

V do you like mini golf?
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< yup is funny and the machine to make strikes like the baseball too! ... Gema likes too!

> I never has a Cat Green ( of course like Jasper, ( jan Cat)..)

v in a cat what is colour that you prefer?
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^ Red cats

> I'm hungry!

V do you have wool underwear?
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<............wool mean big??????? ....I don´t think sooo...But I can tell you is white! ...

> in days like this I would like that came to work in shorts! :sweats:

V SAME Question to you! ...Do you have wool underwear? or Bikinis???...Oh My! ....
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^ NO way too itchy!

Rigel wool is the sheeps coat

Are you addicted to TCS?
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< yup!..... .....how do you guess????

> I never in my life i wear a Bikini to men of course....

V the bikini is tooo itchy?.............
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^ Nope..LOL!

> Just had breakfast

V what did you have for lunch?
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< Pork with Beans and rice...

> I love all kind of coffes...

v do you like to drink in afternoon with friends Cold Coffes???
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^ I had a beef flauta dinner at Texas Tamales Factory by my house. My mom and stepfather took me out today!

> I am very tired and need a nap!

V What are you doing this weekend?
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