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^ Have you tried looking at catteries or something? They always seem to be willing to take people on! That's great about the tattoo parlour!

> I wish I could help you more! I'll keep thinking!

v Can I see some of your work, please?
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^There aren't really catteries out here .... that's the thing. seems a bit daft, but there you go. Where thee's a market...


vSure... lemme just gather together a couple of pics...
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^ Great, I can't wait to see them!

> That is strange that they don't have catteries! Maybe have a look at the Prince's Trust and things and see if you can get a grant!! You'd get enough to start your own cattery!

v What job would you absolutely not do?
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Hrmn... not in Denmark I don't think

I really really want my own cattery.. well more a rescue and rehoming centre... but I'm going to work towards that as a future venture.

I will absolutely not do bar work. I did it once, and it wasn't a very nice experience for me. It was a new year, and i don't particularly enjoy being leered at and pawed by drunken men.
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^ I love bar work - I just want to be able to do it again!

> I have to put my washing out in a minute! Please hope it doesn't rain!

v Do you line dry or tumble dry?
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^I can't tumble dry everything has to hang on a line in the basement because we're in an apartment block. So it's not much fun to do laundry when you've got 7 flights of stairs to go up and down. Or a dead washing machine!

> I don't know what i'm going to do today....

v you know how to play texas hold 'em poker?
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^ Nope, but i'd love to learn!

>I want my tumble dryer back!

v Do you know how to play Skip-Bo?
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^I've no idea what skip-bo is!

> Texas hold em is dead easy.... bf taught me to play last week... and now he's regretting it

v you think i should risk cooking lasagne tonight? I'm just in the mood for it.....
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^ Go for it! Just get the ready made sauces and no pre cook lasagne sheets - to keep it easy!

> I'm making steak tonight!

v Do you like toasted tea cakes?

Skip-Bo is a really fun card game that we played while in Germany, you can't buy it in the UK though
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^ I'm not sure if I have ever had them...

> I have to go with my father to the doctor's today and I am really nervous.

V what are your plans for the day?
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^To celebrate and cook lasagne!!

> I'm so happy, oh so happy!!

v Are you having a good day too?
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^ Yes! It has made my day that Emma got a job!

> Nearly time to bring my washing in and tackle the ironing

v Are you messy or tidy?
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^ Right now messy, have to do some house cleaning!

> Waiting to go home and walk Watson and clean the dishes

V What's the weather like in your part of the world today?
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^ If I hear the weatherman say "record high" one more time..... It's supposed to be much cooler tomorrow

> It's ben a very long day already and it's only 3:30

V How is your day going?
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^ Good so far!

> I just put the rubbish out!

V how often does your rubbish get taken away?
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^ Once a week! today actually!

> need to put clothes in the washer

V How often do you do laundry?
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^Not as often as I wanna - I killed the washing machine!

>I need another cuppa..... i've just been out to find my new workplace on the bike

vDo you cycle much?
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^ No, it's a death wish to cycle in Manchester Central!!!

> I want another cuppa too!

v Do you drink more tea or coffee?
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^ definitely coffee! usually iced!

> have to head outside to pick blueberries soon

V do you like blueberries?
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^ Yes! I love them!

> I wanted to plant my herb seeds today but it's raining

v Do you grow your own herbs?
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< No but I would really like to. I just need to quit being so lazy in the spring.

> I really hate getting up in the mornings.

v What was the last movie you saw?
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^House of Flying Daggers... loved it!

>Waiting for boyfriend to come home and then we're off to the beach

vWhen you pack a picnic, what would be your fave stuff to put in?
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< the Steaks! ...........

> today is a sunny day around here!

v do you like the "Smufs"????
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^ I like the smufs, and the smurfs

< Has to give her foster kitties away this week

v Have you ever lived abroad?
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^ sunny!

> i onw a hegehog named boo!

< how many pets do u have?
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^ sunny!

>i have a hagehog named boo!

< what pets do u have?
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^ 5 cats, 1 kitten and 1 dog

> not long on TCS this morning!

what's a hagehog?
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
what's a hagehog?
< Uh???????????...

> is a bit cloudy right now....

v do you like the smurfs? .................
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^ um...not really! lol!

> about to leave for college!

V have you ever had a car crash?
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^ Yes!

> I'm itchy!!!!

V HOw is your day going?
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