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^ Most definitely!! I am going on vacation Tuesday so I want to have the entire house clean by then.

> I just worked my butt off playing Dance Dance Revolution. This is the only type of exercising that I don't loathe! lol

V What type of exercises do you like to do?
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^ as little as I have to!!! no I love walking!

> It's soooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!

v Are you sweating to death right now???
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Yes !

It"s 7:30 pm and still 96 degrees

Do you live in the country you were born in?
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> cooler here today, but it's goign to start getting HOT again tomorrow

V what was the last thing you ate?
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^ a couple of pickles for a snack

> I should be finishing the new harry potter book, but im messaging on here instead

*down arrow* (i cant find it on the keyboard)
How many cats have you ever owned it total? (your whole life)
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^ not that many actually.... 4 but one had kittens that i kept one of and placed the mom and rest of kittens

> down arrow is just a lower case or upper case V

v What has your kitty done today wierd?
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^ Don't know, haven't been home long

> just got home

V what are you doing?
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^ Considering making another cuppa!

> Not sure what's happening today!

v Do you play the lottery?
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^ Nope, i'm only 15

> i'm tired!

V do you watch desperate housewives?
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^ Yup!

> They won't know you're 15!

v What did you do over the weekend?
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^ Was with my friend till noon on Saturday and on Sunday I went to the talent search with some friends and then went shopping and went to have dinner with my Nana at her house and then Trent stayed at my house last night, we got no sleep and it cost me $50 for his taxi!

> LOL! I look about 12

V Do you pick your nose in public?
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^ Using a tissue, yes! If it needs to be picked, then so be it!

> I just won £4 on my scratchie!

v Do you like public attention?
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^ Depends what kind, didn't receive good attention today

> going beddy byes soon

V do you have a set of gel pens?
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^ I do, actually and they're scented!

> What happened, Sam?

v Do you get cleaned by your cats?
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^ Yes, Abby gives me a bath once in a while

> got to go to work tomorrow

V Do you work?
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^ Yes, Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, with a break at 11:45-12:45 for lunch!

>I have a bad headache today

V What's for dinner tonight?
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^ Goodness knows, haven't had breaky yet!

> Just got on TCS!

V How often do you wash your hair?
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^ Everyday - unless i'm being late or lazy!

> I hate dial-up!

v Who is your mobile phone service provider?
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^ Xtra

> Having a chocolate milk

V do you like flavoured milk?
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
V do you like flavoured milk?
<Yup the blackberrie milk!

> is sunny day today!

v is late for the school for today chick?
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^ I think Sam logged out

> It's HOT and sunny here today too!

V How is your day going?
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< hummmmmm... more less..... a bit work on the desk ´cause yesterday take the day off...

> Yesterday I go to the cinema to watch Fantastic 4!!!

v do you like the cartoons from Marvel CO.?....
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^ actually yeah

> just got home from work myself

v Ever had poison ivy?
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> just got home from school

V do you beep your car horn?
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^ Not really!

> I'm so tired!

v Do you wear Uggs?
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^what are uggs? I guess the answer could be no....

>I'm done decorating!

vYou wanna cuppa tea!?
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^ Yes please, Emma!

> Uggs are Australian Sheep Skin boots!

v What would you like to eat right now?
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^Really really want steak pie....... Aberdeen Angus steak pie with proper onion and ale gravy... puff pasty done to perfection and slightly soggy on the bottom where it's been sat in the gravy.... crunchy broccoli and carrots and cabbage... sugarsnap peas... and new potatoes with a little bit of butter and pepper.......

>Aaaah that answers a lot. I do have really warm suede boots with a woolly inside.... they're ice Love them for the winters here.

vAny tips for a jobhunter? I'm fed up with it
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^ What sort of thing are you looking for? Is the amount of money important? Maybe you could curate or work somewhere in a gallery - you can make some contacts! Have you done all the online searches?

> I want a steak pie now! You described it too well!

v What would be your ideal job?
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^ I'm looking for pretty much anything where someone will pay me. It has to be 5500DKK per month at least before tax though. Mind you, at least the tattoo parlour round the corner are going to display my paintings. That's a start I guess.

>I've tried online searches, I've tried just walking into places and asking, I've been to the jobcentres god knows how many times.... yadda yadda yadda

v I wanna work with cats ideally.... I don't care if I'm just cleaning out cages, I'll be happy with that
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