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^ nope

> waiting, waiting

V do you detest late people?
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< YES!!! i hate that in the persons...

> I always try to be a "English Gentleman" with the appointments...

v do you wear an arm watch now?
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^ Nope

> Not long got home

V Do you have a Drivers license?
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^ yup

> Dinner was terrible.

v Ever had any tickets? (Speeding, Parking, Trespassing, etc.)
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^ Nope, I don't have a drivers license

> Sitting it on Monday!!!!!!

V what did you have for dinner?
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^ unfortunatly fast food...

> didn't feel like cooking and am regreting it now.. it was terrible!!!!

v are you still in school, but on vacation now?
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^ yup i'm at college

> elmo is sitting on my knee

V fave fast food place?
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^ prefer Wendy's I guess

> College at 15? cool!

v Is that a normal age for your area?
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^ college here is like your high school

> sooo sunny!

v what's your weather like?
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^ Dull

> Still have more pieces to make!

v Do you like to wear hair accessories?
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> Wow I think I might literally have spent the ENTIRE day at work on this site and got about three things done at the office...

v Are you a hoarder or a clearer-outer?
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^ Hoarder - but in my defense, i'm an artist and never know when i'll need the things!

> Really need to get working!

v Do you do laundry more than once a week?
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^ HAAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHA I'm lucky if I do it once a fortnight!!

> Yep, really do - and now that I'm home here I am again on TCS!!

v Do YOU do your laundry more than once a week?
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^ At the moment, I only do it once, as it has been raining

> Gosh, I'm still here!

v Do you mind the rain?
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^ I ADORE the rain - there is no better weather, IMHO.

> At the moment I am trying to toss up whether to go and have a bath and read my book or go to bed and read my book! Think it'll be a bath...

v What you reading at the moment?
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^ Law Pack Pocket Guide to Working From Home!

> I'm hungry!

v Do you like to make and drink your own smoothies?
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^I should do it more often than I do! I did make a real good raspberry one last week with raspberries from our garden.

> It's so hot in this room, I am going to melt

V any plans for the weekend?
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^I plan on working my tail off at work!!

> My back is achy... ouch!

v Have you ever watched Mrs. Doubtfire?
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^ Definitly

> Just got home

V Fave cereal?
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^ I love "Life"

> Now I'm getting hungry again...

v Do you have allergies?
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^ Not that I know of.

> First time today I haven't been hungry! lol

V fave colour?
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^ green...

> just roaming the forum!!

v what are you going to do today?
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^ the day is nearly over!

> same here!

V what is the first word that comes to your head when you hear the word BUZZ?
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^ Word... I think of Buzz word! LOL

> I think I am going to go to sleep soon..

v What time is it right now? And are you tired?
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It's 4:30PM, and nope!

Elmo just fell asleep on my arm

Are you in love?
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^ Yup

> Have been with BF for 8 years gladly

V Did you just get home from school?
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^ Nope, it is college holidays and plus it is a Saturday!

> I'm hungry now!

V Do you know the song, Pump up the jam?
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^ Sure do!

> It's a gorgeous day out here!

V any plans for the weekend?
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^ yup though nothing fun

> ohhh... it sure does slow down in here on the weekends!!

v Is it wierd that we're here on a Saturday night????
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^ Sunday afternoon now!

> got a lot of my yardwork done this weekend!

V did you do any household chores this weekend?
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