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^ shorts and a t-shirt

> hot and humid here too!

V what's for dinner tonight?
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^ whatever we pick up!!

> Thinking about lunch right now though

v What is your kitty doing right now?
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^ Molly is sitting on my accounts book and intermitently wandering over my printer, Tibby is probably downstairs dancing for Charlie through the window!

> I't pretty chilly this morning!

v What is your weather like?
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^ Fine.

> Finally feeling a bit better!

V How was graduation?
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^ Good fun! Pretty obscure though - there was the local Judge and Sherriff and stuff!

> Glad you're feeling a bit better!

v How was the party?
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^ The party was brilliant!

> My kitten Dance left for her new home tonight!

V Good food there?
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^ In my house?! You can have some meatballs if you like!

> Great party then?!

v What did you wear to the party?
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^ I just wore my browney tinge jeans, my black hooded wool top with a brown one underneath and my new pink jacket

> no silly at the grad?!

V what are you wearing?
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^ My Pink and orange 'property of the sunset beach club' PJs!

> Oh, I didn't find the food, but Dad took us to a posh hotel for lunch! Salmon and stuff!

v Do you shop in cheap shops?
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^ most definitly!

> how cute! mmm salmon.

V how often do you check your email?
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^ I get email alerts with Yahoo, so usually know when an important one comes through. If I'm not on line, I check them upon logging in

> Serenity is streaking wildly about the room!

v Do you enjoy camping out?
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^ most definitly!

> lonestar is attacking my back.

V are you a seafood kind of person? gosh I nearly wrote Persian then.
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^ I am a seafood typer Persian!

> So many applications to send!

v Do you have an up-to-date CV/Resume?
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^ gosh no

> LOL!

V where are you almost always itchy?
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^ My feet!

> Sam, have you been drinking?!

v Did you check your Ribena?!
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^ NOPE BUT heavens that reminds me, I got Mum to buy a 2.4 litre bottle today so I could check! LOL! Lemme just go check now......... Sarah it says made in Australia but that's all I can find. perhaps because it is a bottle and not a carton so less info?

> nope, lol i'm in a 'fwan' mood...hey want to hear a funny story?

V what do you use to itch your feet

[a] your hands?
[b] your other foot
[c] your teeth
[d] your tongue
[e] your nose
[f] all of the above!
[g] none i get the cats to do it!
[h] other

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^ I wanted to say d and f, but I'll have to go for other, as I use the carpet!

> Go on, tell me a funny story!

v If you had to be a piece of fruit for the day, which would you be and why?
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^ OOOOHHH definitly a banana, by far the most interesting piece of fruit.

> dang I forgot the floor! LOL! Well i went out for dinner on Saturday night and we arrived a bit late so people had already ordered their drinks and the waiter brought the drinks over and there were a few too many so I claimed one that apparently was a lemonade, now I love gin and I can recognise it instantly and I knew this was no lemonade but I didn't complain and I pretty much skulled it, oh it was fun but i'm such a cheap drunk I was saying stupid things almost instantly like talking to my Nanas steak as if it were a human being. That was a fun night, the drink was free too.

V do you like steak?
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^ Hell Yeah!

> Sam, you'll be getting ASBOs next! But who can turn down a free drink?!

v Have you ever been blind drunk?
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^ too many times

> ASBO's? almighty stinky body odour?

V fave time of day?
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^ Evening when I can have a drink! No, I like mornings!

> You're almost close with that one!

v When was the last time you made a fool of yourself in public (without alcohol)?
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^ ummm probably at the cat show, tripping over or something

plucking my brows

V do you get yours done at a salon? or do you do them yourself?
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^ don't do anything to them

> wondering how old Sam is due to the drinking! (thought she was quite young)

v What is the legal drinking age where you are from?
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^ 18

> i'm 15!

V how often do you shave your legs?
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^ not very often... 6 times a year.. (light hair and very fine)

> tisk tisk tisk!!!

v What was the last thing you watched on TV?
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^ Dog the Bounty Hunter

> I'm tired

V Any plans for tomorrow?
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^ Setting up some work for exhibition and working on sale items!

> So much to do today!

v What have you been up to today?
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^ had my hair cut and colored, and now doing laundry

> blech - hot!

V how's the weather where you are?
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^ Pouring with rain

> Oh I had a hard night!

V Plans for the day?
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^ I'll go with plans for tomorrow - go by my parents, go to the grocery store and a few other errands

> I need to go to sleep, but not too tired

V What time do you normally go to bed at ngiht?
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