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^i love sitting on a porch and watching lightning, its so relaxing.

>almost time to go home

vwho is still at work?
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We posted at the same time!
Originally Posted by AbbysMom
V Do you like to watch lightening storms?
< at a safe distance YES! in fact I would like to make some pic´s of that!

> I want a beer now! ....

v do you would like to visit Italy??????
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
Hi fella!
< Absolutely if the weather let me watch it!

> My favourite Team in F1 is Ferrari but I´m glad that Renaul is in firts place right now....

v This drivers are from the place that you live???????
yes these drivers are from where i live. they are in nascar. i dont like f1 or IRL, just plain ole nascar.

Sorry to break up thread
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^ i would like to vist italy

>i could go for a few beers as well

vwhats your favorite beer?
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< 2 XX Lagger....

> till 3 hours to go home!

v and you, wich one is your favourite beer?????
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>i wish i had some guiness but miller lite will do for tonight

v what do you plan on doing this weekend?
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< Put me in a safe place in home.... .....It looks the Hurricane Emily strike the peninsula of yucatan...

> I hate the Hurricanes....

v do you live in an area where the Tornadoes or Hurricanes pass it?????
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^ We get hurricanes once in a while. We get blizzards too!

> I hope it stays far away from you Rigel

V what type of supplies are you going to buy?
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< can of all this: Jam, sausages, cookies, mushrooms, eggs and some chocolates too!!

>1 hour and half to go home!

v Does your husband has a Tatto???
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^ no, no tattoo

> got to go make dinner

V what are you having for dinner?
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> is a sorprise.... Gema don´t want to told me! ......

< I want to listen classic music now but I forget bring my cds!

v the Chips that you use to serve the Guacamole are "alone" or are condimented by species and chily?
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^ alone

> i'm very busy today - SHOULDN'T be on here

V what should YOU be doing?
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< working!........

>Now ready to go home! (by sam!..)

v Do you like to wear shorts?...
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> Seeya Rigz!

V wears a necklace daily?
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^ Yes, I wear my Denise name necklace everyday.. my dad gave it to me, so even thought it's out of style I won't stop wearing it.

> I can't wait to see the Wedding Crashers tonight!

V Anyone going to see a movie this weekend... if so which one?
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^ nope... just working

> oops it started raining here!

v do you get big spiders where you are?
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^ Nope

> been taking pictures of my kitten

V what you doing?
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^ been on TCS way too long...

> thinking I should be going to bed now.

v do you have to work in the morning?
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^ no

> got a cat show tomorrow

V when was the last time someone else cooked you dinner?
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^ About two days ago!

> Tibby and Molly are on a mad one!

v Do you like to run around?
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^ with who? LOL... I like to be silly..

> Just being utterly BORED!!!! at work!

v What would you rather be doing now?
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^ on vacation somewhere, relaxing

> filing all my old bills, paperwork, shredding, etc! BLECH!

V Do you own a shredder?
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^ Yuppers

> Boss clogged her's so I've got to fix that!

v Are you handy?
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^ reasonably. I'm not scared to pick up a hammer or take soemthng apart

> no desire to be organizing things right now!

v Where would you like to go on vacation?
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^ Paris

> just got on TCS for the first time in days!

V what ya doin?
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^ Just checking my emails and catching up on TCS

> Might be going to a Monster Truck Show!

v Have you ever seen the Monster Trucks?
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^ yes they were loud and very smokey!! (great!!!!!!!)

> thinking I need to go and take a nap, but then I won't get back up?

v are you tired right now?
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^ yep, didn't sleep to well last night

> just had a yogurt

V what did you have for lunch?
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^ Uuhm..Hamburger helper cheeseburger macaroni..for..brunch
> I just now woke up and it's 12:56pm
v where are you from?
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^ Michigan

> It's rather hot right now

v What do you have on?
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