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< each Saturday! :rolleye:

>I help to Gema to make the housework saturdays!

v do you made it the housework today?
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^ Everything! I just made my bed.

> A nice breeze is coming through.

V What is the weather like where you are?
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< today Sunny! ...but the hurricane is on the way!

> I hate the mosquitoes!

v wich bug make you drive crazy?
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^ sandflies & ants!

> i just saw Rigels yawning photo..OMG! it's awesome

V roughly how many pics do you have of him?
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^ Milky's picture was great. Rigel isn't on, so I will tell you I probably ahve around 200 pictures of Abby, but adding more every day!

> I really should go to bed!

V What time do you normally go to sleep at night?
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^ 3am ish...

> I'm a major night owl!!!

v Do you always have to have a cover on when you sleep?
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^ Nope

> Getting ready

V fave genre of music?
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^ I like a little of everything... Alternative, Rap, Reggaeton, Classical, Jazz.. whatever I'm in the mood for that day...

> waiting, not so patiently, for Adrian to get here...

v What color hair do you have?
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^ dish water blonde, turning brown however

> waiting till its time to go out

V fave time to be on tcs
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^ Late afternoon

> going to clean the house today

V what are you doing today?
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^ Clean the house then work tonight

>I just woke up a half hour ago!

V What time do you usually wake up on your day off?
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<9 or 10 a.m.......

> last nigh I was to shop to the grocery store to prevent the arrive of "Emily"...

v have you are been in a tornado or a hurricane?
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^Tornado when I was 6 and since then I am TERRIFIED of thunderstorms! The tornado jumped over our neighbors house and just missed ours!

> It's supposed to rain all week from Dennis

v What's the weather like today?
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< sunny.........but i think is a pressagious!..

> this weekend is the Grand Prix in Germany Hockenhein!

v Are you going to watche the Race???????? . and wich one is you favourite team????
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^ I don't watch the races

> Try to keep yuo, Gema and Milky safe this weekend Rigel. Stay away from hurricanes

V Has your house ever flooded?
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<Thanks to god Never!

> the bad thing of all this, so many thing "flying" during the phenomena!

v You home has builded a shelter against to Tornados or else?
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^ No, we don't. We do have a cellar, but it is not specifically for tornadoes. We don't get many of them aroudn here. We do get hurricanes once in a while

> Need to go do some errands

V favorite drink?
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< soda? Of course coke...alcoholic.. vodka and Tequila!

> I´m listening a variety of songs today!

> Need to go do some errands------What is that?????????.....
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^ errands are little things that you have to do - like go to the store, the dry cleaner, post office

> I did one, but forgot soemthing here, and have to go out again!

V Do you like guacamole?
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< hummmmmmmmmmmmmm the sky has clouds?????

> I´m drinking a Power ade now!

> When the tortillas are not the day and you keep it they form change and are now hards...( have you even to eated?????????)....This is when you eat Guacamole you join it with what????? ....(how you call in english??????? TOASTS????????....)
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^ chips? We have fried pieces of tortilla here that we call chips that we eat with the guacamole

> Having tacos, salsa and guacamole for dinner!

V what are you having for dinner?
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^I work tonight so I'm having the infamous Bob Evans

> I'm so tired of Bob Evans food.

v What is your favorite TV show, past or present?
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< Past....Starsky & Hutch...

> Is a bit cloudy around here....

Originally Posted by Oscarsmommy
^I work tonight so I'm having the infamous Bob Evans
Sorry for ask Courtney....What is that????????????
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^It's a restaurant but it might only be up North here in the states. Once you work there and eat their food every night, it gets old.

> Only a half hour til work

v What are your plans for tonight?
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< make another shoppings to prevent the Hurricane.....(Can of food and else...)..

>I really hope can i watched the Grand prix of F 1 in Germany by fox sports this weekend!

v wich one is your favourite scudery of F1??????
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^ I prefer Nascar. I don't know fi I've watched an F-1 race.

>I hope Kasey Kahne wins this weekend though.

v What sports do you like to watch?
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< F1, MLB, Basquet and Football american!

> Michel Jordain Jr is mexican in Nascar!

v any preference for a driver in Nascar?
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^Kasey Kahne and Rusty Wallace

>i want to sleep right now

v anyone else going to watch the race this weekend?
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^ nope not me!

> The sky is getting REAL dark here

V Do you like to watch lightening storms?
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Hi fella!
< Absolutely if the weather let me watch it!

> My favourite Team in F1 is Ferrari but I´m glad that Renaul is in firts place right now....

Originally Posted by neonsohc
^Kasey Kahne and Rusty Wallace
v This drivers are from the place that you live???????
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