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< good question! last night was salad I think the menú says "Burritas"..

>I wish a Coffe now!

v your favourite cartoon in TV is???????
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^ Wouldn't have a clue. I haven't even had breakfast yet.

> Haha Rigel!!

V Fave flower?
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^ Posted at the same time again.

^ The weekenders.

> I'm hungry!

V What should I have for breakfast?
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< the Tulip my fav flower! ....and you should to eat to breakfast youghurt!

> I never have long my hair...

v have you ever to cut your hair very, very short???????
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^ I've had my hair much shorter than it is now

> I feel like a margarita now

V Any plans for this weekend?
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^ YES! My huge cat show.

> Yoghurt is too healthy.

V Fave milk product?
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^ Cheese

> How about eggs and Bacon Sam?

V Do you own a cellphone?
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^ Yes two.

> I wanted that but Mum must have eaten all the bacon.

V Fave kind of cheese?
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> I love all kind of fruit juices!

v wich brands are your cell phones?
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^ Kyocera & Hyuandi

> Just had breakfast.

V What colour bread?
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^ Either!

> Just checking in before bed!

v Do you brush your teeth twice a day - every day?!
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^ Not twice a day everyday but I do strive to.

> Waiting to get picked up.

V What colour are the sheets currently on your bed?
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^ Purple

> I sooooo don't wanna go to work tomorrow!

V What kinda of car/truck do you drive?
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^ I don't drive.

> I just got home.

V Where was the last place you shopped?
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^ City Farmers (pet supply shop)

> I've got a new Labradoodle puppy called Ruby awwwww

v What have you got planned for the weekend?
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^ Big cat show

> OMG cute. I saw a black one yesterday. What colour is she? and pictures, please!!!!

V What are you going to have for dinner?
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^ We are going to a fabbo Chinese restaurant called `The Red Teapot' and then going to see Sin City.

> She is gold and too cute for words - see photo below. Not a very good one as I took it with my phone but posting some proper ones soon.

v Oooh how many cats you got showing??


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^ My two kittens Dance and Bridget. Nana is taking Sapan, De Lovely, Pinky, Million Dollar Baby and Dynamite. The reason we are showing so many is because it's our club!

> Wow that sounds like fun. At least you have something to look forward to once you get out of work. Ruby is so adorable. Thank you for sharing.

V Fave restaurant?
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^ I dunno that varies. The Red Teapot is pretty close to the top at the moment but I also love my girlfriend's Mexican Restaurant, Santa Fe. There are only two Mexican restaurants in Perth and hers is awesome!

> Yes she is too cute I just want to eat her up. We are starting her in puppy kindy next week awwwwwwww

v How do you think your kitties will go?
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^ Don't think they will do any good, there are 45 kittens for them to compete against.

> Aww that's awesome. How old is she?

V have you owned a dog before?
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I would love to see Australia, The closest ive ever been out of the united States is Mexico. & Canada
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Originally Posted by nyzki
I would love to see Australia, The closest ive ever been out of the united States is Mexico. & Canada
Australia is beautiful! but is the grass really greener on the other side?
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^ Yeah but I bet yours are the BEST kittens...

> Yes I had a kelpie cross pup for a little while when I was a kid and two German Shepherds for six year while I was married. But I'm SO in love with Ruby! She's 11 weeks.

v Have you ever owned a dog before?
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^ Most definitly. Owned five. Only my 12 year old Jazzy is still with us.

> Cool and yes they definitly are.

V What countries have you visited?
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^ Er...not enough!! England, Thailand, Singapore and quite a lot of places in Australia!

> Next year I would really like to go to Paris and New York - I have friends in both places.

v Is there anywhere in particular that you would really like to go?
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^ Paris!!

> I have sore lips

V do you have any allergies?
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^ I have really quite sensitive skin, so a lot of produces cause proplems, plasters, hayfever, a lot of E numbers and some foods I haven't worked out what yet!

> I bought loads of cheap pyjamas yesterday!

v What was the last thing you bought?
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^ A bottle of Pump water from BP

> I'm freaked out. My bottom lip has just swollen up. it's HUGE!

V do you bite your lips when you are nervous?
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^ a little, but I bite them more when I am concentrating!

> Are you nervous, Sam?

v Do you have any bad habbits?
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^ plenty

> Yes, and i'm in tears now my lip is so sore - i just took a picture of it, i'll show you it in a sec.

V do you like britany spears?
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