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what a day

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wow, no one, not even my grandparents have ever been able to talk me into going out shopping after thanksgiving, till about oh... march of the following year... and today, i dont know how he did it, but my husand talked me into going shopping by coaxing me with starbucks, which i am a sucker for, but rarley ever get cuz it is pretty far away...
well, when we left our house, everything that was supposed to be attached to the car was still attached, and somewhere between the many stops we made and home, someone snapped my antenna off of my car...
okay, not only is my patience and tolerance for any form of life at an all time low during x-mas season, but now rather than just being pushy in stores they are taking souveneirs off peoples cars, for what a stocking stuffer, what the hell is someone gunna do with a broken antenna, it wasnt just laying around next to the car, it was gone....
i told my husband if they wanted the darn antenna ball all they had to do was ask!
sorry, this may not seem like a major fiasco to alot of people, but i am one of those anal people that doesnt let anyone use their bare hands to open the car doors, i walk around the car using my shirt to wipe of fingerprints it may have aquired during the day...my antenna? wow, i am fuming!
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I totally understand!
I'd be mad too if they stole my antenna!
I mean they can just go and steal it off someone elses car that doesnt look look as nice as your car!
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sadly there are many that have no respect for other peoples property or feelings. i also would of been very ticked off as well. i work at Kmart and have seen and heard so many things like this happening.
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I know how you feel!! I don't go shopping either. After Thanksgiving it's to the grocery store and back until the middle of January.

I start my shopping in June and finish in Oct.!

So sorry about your antena.......maybe the store you were parked in front of may have had a security camera? It's worth a try.
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man, I was at a friend's apartment one day (this was 3 years ago), someone stole my car antenna....Found it around the corner...thing is...I didn't have anything on it decorative
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what really makes me mad is they didnt even unscrew the thing, they just broke it off, so now the bottom part of it is stuck in the bottom and i cant get it out
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