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Kitten Growling

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I am a first time pet owner, so have some trouble intuitively analyzing pet behavior...should I be worried? I need some help from the experts!

Three months ago, I adopted two 4-month old kittens, a brother and sister. They are almost inseperable (which is why I ended up taking both home, originally thinking I would adopt only one...they were the last two in the litter and have been together since birth). The brother (Hobbes) more often than not takes the "attacker" role during play, although sometimes this can cause a yelp or two from the sister (Teenie). Generally, they get along wonderfully. They were spayed and neutured 2 months ago.

For the past couple of weeks, Hobbes has taken to growling when I give them treats or feed them a little tuna....he also has started growling during play with a couple of select toys. Today he finally began swatting at Teenie, and she has begun retreating from those toys and during treat times. There have been no changes in the household (other than the introduction of the Christmas tree), and both receive equal love, attention, food, and their own litter boxes. Is this just an adolescent phase, or is this something I should address for fear it will continue or get worse?

Melissa From MN
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I would guess he might be getting his adult teeth in? That could cause him some discomfort and he is at the age that this happens-
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Some males, even neutered males, can just be a little aggressive at times. By their very nature, they are territorial and possessive. These normal traits do lessen with neutering but some boys are just more dominating than others even afterwards. Even with litter mates, you see it happen. I have a little 9 week old boy kitten in this litter who won't allow any of his litter mates to eat from the same dish as he is, nor will he let anyone near "his" toy that I call "green rat". (It is one of those green fake fur mousies - he loves it and carts it around in his mouth all the time) In fact, there was a major showdown at the Old Style cattery just this very morning over that green rat. He hissed at his sister, swatted at her and was so puffed up! He was so funny. But they can just be like that sometimes. You will learn to recognize their behavior by observing them, and it sounds to me as though your little girl kitty is just going to have to accept not being the dominate one.

Best of luck,

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Charlotte's my growler. She doesn't meow often - only when the nip comes out - but she will growl to beat the band. She's about 6, we think, and that's her form of communication. She never follows it up with anything mean at all - often I pick her up and snuggle her while she's in the middle of the growl. She gives me this exasperated look, and goes off and does her thing.

I don't think you've got much to worry about; he may be teething, which can be very painful, or he may be asserting dominance. Either way, it seems fairly normal, especially if there are no indications he's not feeling well.

Hang in there - they'll sort it through shortly.

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If Sophies playing with one of her toys she sometimes growls at them, it's quite funny though!
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My cat is 9 years old and growls all the time. She's done it since she was a few months old. Any time she doesn't get her way she will let you know about it. She sounds like she's vicious but she's not. The funniest thing is when she was at the vet to be spayed she started growling the second the anesthesia wore of and didn't stop until she was in the car going home. She was just at the vet to get a shot and was taken in the back and I could hear her in the waiting room
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Do you know funny it is to watch a big honkin black stocky male cat carrying around a pink fru fru fur covered purse in his mouth while growling at it? Anything furry is his "prey".
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