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Michelle, I bet her fur felt 100 times as good as you had anticipated! I remember you saying you were waiting for the day when you could touch her. This is so wonderful.
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oh my!!! What a month Pengy had last month!! And what sorts of things are to come? she's safe, and she's learning to be happy, michele, No one but you could have given her that!
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I just finished reading the Pengy thread. HOW IS SHE??? Inquireing minds want to know! Come on now, I'm gonna have to go into rehab soon....
What an amazing story about an amazing cat and an amazing woman.
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Same here!!

Can't wait for the next update.
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I'm not around much anymore, but I just had to stop by the ferals forum to see what's been up. And - well - what is there to say but I'm just so thrilled for you and Pengy! She's playing - freely, carelessly! She's sharing space with her cat-mates! She's into the "normal" cat routine in your home! She sleeps on your bed! - and more importantly, WITH YOU IN IT. - and last and certainly not the least, SHE PLAYS BLANKET WAR!!!!!!! ...and...you're petting her! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just bursting with happiness for you both!

All my best wishes - and scritches to Pengy, lol!

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Oh Michelle, I wanted to add one quick thing. I'm not surprised to hear your kitties wait, patiently, for Pengy to be done playing. We've experienced the same thing with Ming Loy. Her back leg and hip muscles don't work very well, and she can't walk very far before falling over. I joked a few weeks after adopting her that we should have named her "thumpy" - well - you sure know why, lol! She can't jump well, but she can climb. But she can't climb back down - so those really loud THUMPS used to terrify us, but they don't seem to hurt her. She thumps up and down the stairs - incredibly rapidly! And she "thumps" into everything - mostly the floor. But it clearly doesn't hurt her. In fact, like Pengy, she seems quite unphased by her handicap.

She quickly developed the habit of walking from object to object - that way she stays propped up. And she'll use us and the other cats as one of her "prop objects." The first time we saw her do it, Shelly clearly looked a little taken aback - but he didn't object. In fact, all of the cats seemed to accept her oddity this way (except for Spooky, but she always takes months longer than anyone else to be OK with a newbie). And, like your gang, they wait for her to play before they battle it out for possession of the wand toy.

So... I really think they do understand she's handicapped. It's the only thing that explains our kitties' behavior towards Ming Loy!

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It must be time for an update on Pengy. Michelle, oh Michelle where are you?
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I'm sure it must be time. But I haven't seen Michele around for quite a while...Michele...MiCHELE....MICHELE! Where aaaaare yooooooooou?
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Has anyone heard from Michelle. I'm needing a Pengy fix!
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Anyone hear from Michelle?
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Michele - I started at the beginning of the thread and read all the way through it. I started crying at the first few updates, and just kept it up all the way through. Given all that's gone on, I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out you're petting her regularly at this point. I'm dying to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I'm really in need of a Pengy fix.
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I'm hoping Michelle is doing ok also. She was going through a lot there for awhile.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
I'm hoping Michelle is doing ok also. She was going through a lot there for awhile.
That's the truth! Much as I want a Pengy fix, I want a Michele update too! I hope she's just super busy.
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I am hoping for an update from Michelle and Pengie.
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wouldnt that be great to hear from them. I hope they are all doing okay
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Linda, you read my mind. I was just thinking about Michelle & Pengy yesterday.
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I wonder about them often. It's been a long time since Michele dropped in. I'd love to have an update.
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OMG what a special story.Such patience. I just read the entire thread . It took hours , but i was rivited. I would love to hear an update. I would really love to see some pics of Pengy . A Huge Thumbs Up to Pengy and Michele. I have taken in 2 strays but never a feral. I could only imagine what could have happened to my 2 had i have not taken them in. Your a champ Michele and so is your delightful lil fighter Pengy.

I cant wait to hear more.
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Michele - you and Pengy (and the rest of your crew) are in our thoughts. It's been about a year since you visited TCS - but I thought I'd throw up a post to let you know we love you and miss you and Pengy!

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Second that, Michele. I miss your posts, and wonder how you are all doing.
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Me too! I sure hope you come back soon to give us an update.
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ditto to what Laurie, Fran & Linda have said!
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I can't believe I never read this thread before. I found it last night and am slowly working my way through... it's a lot to handle, emotionally, so I'm taking my time.

Just now, I read on page 16 about the first time you heard Pengy's voice, and I can't tell you how that touches me. I so treasure the voices of my kitties, all their different little sounds and how they use them so earnestly to communicate with me... and to think of how long and hard you worked for the joy of hearing sweet Pengy's meow... I'm just overcome with happiness for you both.

Continuing to read...
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Carol/Petunia, where have you found the Pengy thread? Or is it another trhread started after the original? I can only find posts saying they are sorry the Pengy thread is gone. If you can advise me as to how you are getting there that would be great as I would love to read it.
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This is the thread she's referring to. There was another that told the story from the beginning, which was lost in the crash of 2004, hence the title of this one. This one picks up the story and continues it.
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Lyric -- Rapunzel is right, this is the only Pengy thread that exists now. But on page 15, I think (thereabouts, anyway) of this thread is a reproduction of the original post about Pengy, which someone managed to recover from a Google cache! (Boy, was I thrilled when I found that!) So you might want to start with that post, and then go back to the beginning of the thread...
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(Excuse me -- that reproduction of the initial post is actually on page 16 of this thread, not 15.)
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Thanks for the info. I'm going to look now. 11:30 at night I finally have time.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
(Excuse me -- that reproduction of the initial post is actually on page 16 of this thread, not 15.)
Remember that the number of posts per page will affect what page that a post appears on. It might be better if whoever finds it puts the post # which is in the upper right corner of the post.
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