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oh how precious!! our pengy (I hope you don't mind that she's been claimed by the entire community) is doing so well!! It make my heart full to bursting in pride of our litle girl! and the mewling and the poking AWWWWW.
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She knows you're her saviour, Michele!

Keep the good news coming!
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I'm dumbstruck. It took her a long time, but Pengy has adopted you and yours.
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I was thinking about it, and decided to see if I couldn't determine if it was Abby or Pengy. I bundled Abby into my arms, and brought her into the bedroom. I laid down on the bed...Abby was struggling and fighting and totally not a happy cat. I laid there, reassuring her and cuddling with her, but once I took my arms away to see if she'd stay or walk around on the bed, nope. She took off...didn't want to be in the bedroom at all.

Now, I know this doesn't mean anything, really. I know that there will never be a way to know whose nose was touching my eye. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't Abby, based on I've never seen her in the bedroom, and when brought in there, she was totally uncomfortable...and if it was Pie, well, she likes to lay down and turn on the lamp. So I really don't think it was her.

Another thing...as I was thinking about things today, I realized I had put Feliway in both the bedroom and the front room, to calm Abby and Pie out a bit. Maybe Pengy is responding to it with more comfort, too? Maybe...maybe.

Dunno. Just that she's out right now, and hanging out by the coffee table...playing with something or other over there.

Jcat, you might be right...she may have come over that last barrier. And if not, she's sitting on the fence.

Denise, I also think she's a community cat; while she lives here, she also belongs to all of us here at TCS...and that's just perfect.

Hugs to all - including all the cats!
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Oh my Michele! What updates you have given us!!

It wouldn't surprise me if Pengy had chosen night time when you were sleeping soundly to make that first contact. It's quiet then; it's dark and she knows instictively that she has the advantage in the dark...and you are unconscious. LOL Totally not a threat to her when you are sleeping. But even still...that a huge leap of bravery for her!! WAY TO GO PENGY!!

And of course, it is all due to the patience of a saint that you have! The willingness to let Pengy be Pengy, to let her emerge from behind that wall she's built up in her own time. You are both just amazing!
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And of course, it is all due to the patience of a saint that you have! The willingness to let Pengy be Pengy, to let her emerge from behind that wall she's built up in her own time. You are both just amazing!
*She* is amazing...I'm not. I was the one who stuck her head under the bed long ago; I'm the one who's tried to touch her when she wasn't ready for it. Granted, I learned not to (thanks again, Hissy and all others here...), but I wasn't, at first, just letting her be herself.

When I learned how to not invade her space because of what I wanted, and learned how to "ignore" her, that's when the difference started to be made.

She's sitting on the Papa-san chair. I was just thinking, just about this time last year, she was hiding in the cat condo...first floor rear. Looking back, I don't recall her going there much at all this year, and not at all in the last 7-8 months. Instead, she likes to sleep in the rocker or on the chest, and while I'm up and walking around, she's out, too.

Long, long distance she's come...despite me. LOL! I *do* hope it was her the other night; and you're right, Heidi, that's something she'd do (me being unconscious and it's all dark). She'd do something like that, all right...but I'll never know unless I wake up again and she doesn't flee. Someday I'll know what her fur feels like...some day I'll hear her purr. Until then, it's just fine to get nosed in the night, and have her sleep just out of arm's reach on the Papa-san chair. Great strides she's made, and is making.

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Originally Posted by Noni
Just that she's out right now, and hanging out by the coffee table...playing with something or other over there.
Michele, it's hard to believe that this is the same cat you described last year --the one who reminded you of Greta Garbo because she "just vants to be alone!"

I believe you will feel her fur and hear her purr someday (soon). When I see how far she's come in this past year, I just know it!

Also, I think you greatly downplay your role in Pengy's therapy. You being there, being patient and loving, providing for her comforts and needs -- well, you are her mom and she is started to show the effects of good mothering. It's just wonderful!
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Originally Posted by SnowLeop
Also, I think you greatly downplay your role in Pengy's therapy. You being there, being patient and loving, providing for her comforts and needs -- well, you are her mom and she is started to show the effects of good mothering. It's just wonderful!
Michele, you are too modest. So, you stuck your head under the bed in the first place -- you wanted to be friendly and didn't know any better -- but you learned. And over the past year plus, you have done for that cat, among other things, the thing she most needed: you allowed her to be herself, on her terms, no judgement, no apologies, and to discover in her own time that not all humans are to be feared. She is a remarkable, spunky little lady, but she'd still be cowered in that corner, if you hadn't done this and done it well. You're both amazing, and -- I think I said this once before -- you do deserve each other.
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Post Christmas Update.

I had gone to visit my brother and his family for Christmas, and was gone for 4 days. The moment I came home, all 6 cats, including Penguin, came out to greet me, sit with me, and just in general let me know I was missed.

Pengy has been very curious as to the cuddles all the other cats get, and almost approached me. You can see it in her face - she wants some of that lovin' but is still a bit too scared to let it occur.

Last night, as I went to bed, I switched off the big light and turned on the reading light. I got settled on my back, and opened the book. Charlotte was already curled up at my side, and I expected the others to come quickly. It's the nighttime ritual; Charlotte, Esse, Pie, and Simon come up and choose a sleeping spot, get some lovin', and go off to sleep.

So there I was, laying there, Charlotte in place and my book open, and I hear another cat climbing up. Figuring it was Esse, I lifted the book, and...and...well, it wasn't Esse. It was Penguin. She saw me looking, and I closed my eyes immediately...but it was too late. She hopped off. I was so startled and happy. Pengy went over to the window, gave me her back, and ignored me.

Esse came up, got into her spot. Simon came up, and got into his. And I started reading again. And then I felt another cat come back up, find a spot next to my leg, and settle down. Thinking it was Pie, I lifted my book, and nearly had a heart attack...it was Pengy. She had come back up and cuddled into my leg. There is no way she didn't know it was my leg...while I had thought it was Pie, I had adjusted my leg to fit the cat's body better. So she knew.

I laid there, trying to read, tears dripping down my face, wondering how long I would have this blessing, this Christmas miracle. Finally, I started to drift off; must've been a half hour at least after Pengy had laid down. I very slowly and gently rolled over onto my belly, knowing that Pengy would leave now...but no, she stayed. And accepted my leg re-positioning without a problem. In fact, she was there until I fell asleep...and apparently a while longer. She was there when I woke at 6 am...same spot. I have a cold, so I rolled over and went back to sleep; and she was there when I got up at 8:30...same spot.

How amazing this kitty is. How gentle and amazing and courageous. How intensely she's worked on trusting and accepting my care. How great this girl is. To be able to relax against my leg (albeit covered with blankets), and sleep is indeed a glorious thing. Yet another milestone she's achieved. And how great it is.

Just had to update you all...


I am still
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(We really need a happy tears smilie!!!)

OMG, Michele!! Pengy sleeping with you - WOW!! What a major step for her!! Christmas miracle indeed.
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Michele, I can't even believe what I am reading! Our Pengy sleeping on your bed the whole night, close to you! I so much admire your patience and love. Pengy is blessed to have you, and you are blessed to have her, too!
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OMG that's amazing!! What would we do without little miss Pengy anymore? Michele she loves you so much, you know this, don't you? You're her human and she missed you.
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Oh Michele, how wonderful! Yay Pengy! This truly is a Christmas miracle! Thank you so much for your amazing update!
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Amazing that dear little Pengy is coming for cuddles. There is no feeling like when a scared little kitty finally breaks down the guard and comes to you. You have done such a fine job, and shown endless patience with her. You deserve many pats on the back for bringing her out.
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Hooray for Pengy!

What a fantastic Christmas present for you! You're girl missed you!

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I do think she missed me, as strange as that seems to me. And while strange, it's absolutely wonderful, too...

She did it again last night. Apparently, it's going to become a nightly thing, her sleeping with me. She came up right after I got into bed. There she came, and she plunked herself right on down in what seems to be "her" spot...and how glorious that was. She didn't flinch when I moved, and stayed put when I rolled over. And again, this morning, she was there. I don't think she stays there all night, but still...for her to be there when I fall asleep and also there when I wake is enormous...simply enormous.

I can't describe the feeling of awe I have for this cat; she's been through so much, and has come so very far...and now to have her be one of the first things I see when I wake up is amazing...this cat, who lived under the bed for so long, is now sleeping on the bed, with me and the other cats.

How simply amazing...and glorious.

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Words fail me, Michele. What a lovely, lovely Christmas prezzie!
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How full your heart must be! I can relate to the elation you must feel at something you only hoped would happen. May the New Year bring even more special moments!
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Michelle, I am speechless (almost). What a wonderful Christmas present. I can only imagine how full of joy your heart must be right now because all of us are sharing that joy with you.

I too am waiting until you can touch her and have the feel of her lovely fur under your fingers.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
Words fail me, Michele. What a lovely, lovely Christmas prezzie!
my words exactly
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<-- this is me sitting here reading about Pengy and Michele's Christmas miracle. They are good tears, of course.

Michele, I cannot tell you how heartwarming it is to read about this breakthrough of Pengy's. I've been pretty sad lately and this uplifting news came at such a perfect time. Hooray for courageous Pengy! Hooray for her loving and patient mother, Michele!
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Miss Pengy is just so cute....

She's been hanging out on the bed constantly...whether I'm there or not. She's even been there when I get into bed, and not left...which is, when you stop and think about it, absolutely amazing.

However, I had to share this little moment with you all...

I just took a load of folded laundry into my bedroom. Miss Pengy was laying there, in some scrunched blankets that resemble a nest (yes, I leave my bed unmade...). To get to the dresser I have to pass the foot of the bed, which is where she is laying. And so I do, not really talking to her; I acknowledge her presence, but not much else. I look farther onto the bed, and see Simon, Charlotte, and Abby are *all* sharing the bed with her; the only ones missing are Esse (in the living room) and Pie (in her basket).

This cat. She is amazing...for her to not only share the bed with everyone and not be at all concerned, but allowing me to put the laundry away and NOT get frightened and leave is just another demonstration that her comfort level has increased so far that it just touches my heart...she's learning to love again, to trust again, and isn't that a glorious thing?

Just thought I'd let you Penguin Fans know the latest...

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First a Simon story, and then a Pengy story??? It's been a good couple of days.

What a sweet and special girl Pengy is! May she continue to amaze you!
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Michelle, you got that right - we are all Pengy fans. She is amazing but so are you. Every post from you is excitement for me. The headbutts are not far away now!
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Awesome, Michele!
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HA! I won't say what I want to say right now. But I am smiling and nodding to myself. This thread has been dormant for so long, but I never lost the hope that Pengy would come to understand that she was in a good place and you were trying to break through. Although that final wall has crumbled Michelle, be prepared for a few bricks to hit you in the head every now and again. Slowly, even after setbacks, she will come to understand that nothing is expected of her, except simply to be. Thank you for listening to all the advice, removing your expectations and allowing this to happen. Savor the moment- when they come, they are simply incredible to describe.
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Every time I read about precious little Pengy, I am reminded of why cats are such special beings. One truly builds a relationship with these creatures and if one has the patience you have, Michele, then you are truly rewarded. I would not be surprised that in the next year, you may have a cold nose sniffing yours in the middle of the night.

Thank you so much for sharing with us.
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Oh poo on you, Michele for being so darn modest! You are both wonderful and amazing, as is Pengy! I'm sure you know I haven't been able to visit TCS much for sooooo (too) long - and WHAT WONDERFUL WONDERFUL news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to jump straight to the end of the thread, but I didn't let myself. I started where I left off, and BOY was it worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt that thrill of surprise and at the same time felt that "I KNEW it would happen, I KNEW it!!!!!!!"

"Glorious" is SUCH a good word for it!

You GO girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hissy, you're right; despite it being a great deal harder than I thought I could do, I have managed to get out of her way.

And the blossoming of Pengy continues. I've long suspected a panty theif among my cats; but was never sure who grabbed them and took them out of the laundry pile. And then yesterday, as I had sorted laundry and was getting ready to run some, guess who I saw rooting through the delicate pile? Miss Pengy herself. Astounded, I just stood there and watched out of the corner of my eye...sure enough, she grabbed a pair and took it away, dragging it between her front legs like it was prey. I laughed 'til I cried...and let her have that pair. And later, she decided she needed to roll in my bra for a while, and got herself all wrapped up in it. She untangled herself, and laid there, licking and rubbing her cheek on it. Just too cute, and absolutely dear.

And two other things while I'm at it. Apparently, as long as I'm sleeping on my belly, Pengy has the confidence to walk up on me and sit on my bum. I was laying there the other night, and felt this tottering, unsteady gait walk up one leg, reach my bum, and sit there...for a good five minutes. It wasn't any of the others - I could tell by the walk. It was the Penguin kitty. I know she comes up to my face in the middle of the night; and I'd bet a dollar that she headbutts my hand while I'm asleep.

And the second thing is that my roomie told me that Penguin had gotten into my computer chair while I was out yesterday, and stayed there the whole time I was gone, leaving only when I came in the back door. I believed her, sort of...not that she'd lie, but Penguin in my chair when there are other easier chairs to get into just seemed unlikely. And then today, as I came out of the bedroom, guess who was sitting in my chair? Yup, Miss Thang herself.

She is really making her self known. It's fascinating to watch her play, to bat around the milk ring, to play with the turbo racer, to chase a small soft ball...and when another cat fusses, she runs over to see if they're all right. No one pushes her around, and if she wants the basket, everyone else gets out and gives it to her. It's apparent to me that everyone understands her, respects her, and allows her free reign in the household...almost like she was not in the heirarchy whatsoever. Indeed very intriguing. Even when strangers come over, she comes out to see who they are. Never close, but she comes into the room to check things out.

And again, while there hasn't been a headbutt (that I'm aware of), I suspect it will happen shortly...sometime this year, at least, and likely sooner rather than later.

She's really become such a dear one, and such an outgoing cat. I never would've believed it at the beginning...and thank all of you for being there with me all the way. The journey's not over, but it's well begun and when I look back at who she was then, and who she is now, I simply can't believe how far she's been willing to journey. And that you all have been on that journey with me has made it bearable.

Thanks, everyone. I really do appreciate each and every post cheering her and I on...it matters.

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That's so lovely Michele -- and you know, this is a journey that will never be over. She has come so far -- as have you -- on her own terms, in her own way, as her own person -- and she will continue to surprise and delight you in ways that no other cat, before or since, ever could. What a completely delightful individual, and though few of us could have walked this road with her as you have, I suspect that many people covet that experience -- I know I do. I can't wait for that headbutt -- it will come!
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