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Poor Pengy thread is gone

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I hope you find your way back soon. Miss your Pengy updates. Hope Pengy has made contact with you.
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I was thinking the same thing!!! I have so missed the Pengy updates!!!
hope you can update us soon Michele
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Originally Posted by huggles
I was thinking the same thing!!! I have so missed the Pengy updates!!!
hope you can update us soon Michele
Where'd the thread go? What happened? That was my only record of her and my progress....I'm sad. Very sad. I had to re-register, too....I wonder if all my threads disappeared? This was the important one, though...(I was hoping to compete decently in the "thread of the year" contest, but that can't happen now because the thread's gone.) All my struggles and all Pengy's accomplishments are gone - the records, at least. I am upset.

Um, updates.

Well, she's doing well. We have begun playing very intensively with the new feather wand; she really really enjoys that. She'll catch it, bite it, chew it, and attack it without blinking because I'm at the end of it. And she allows me to stroke her gently with it, for a time. She gets mad after a while, so I'm learning the "retreat" signals (which have changed from earlier...). Mostly I catch them in time, but last night she got pissed and I didn't catch it. She lashed out at me - very different from her play - and I backed off immediately.

No contact as of yet, but this is a level of interaction which had not been seen before. This bodes well, I think...

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I'm also sad to see the thread gone, I never posted on the other one but I always enjoyed reading the updates.
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I'm sorry your thread is gone, too, Michele, but I'm glad you're back.

It sounds like you've made quite a lot of progress with Pengy. I'm inspired by your patience and perserverance.
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It's a shame about losing the thread. I wonder if there is any way to recover the really important threads without jeopardizing the safety of the board. Becky
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Sorry guys there isn't.

Michelle she is behaving typically for a cat who is getting over-stimulated in play. Try backing off a bit and just letting the feather sit in front of her without getting her prey instinct engaged. Always after playing follow it up with a tasty treat, so she can calm down- she has caught her "prey" so now you have to let her taste the victory-
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Aw Noni, I'm sorry your Pengy thread got lost... but I'm glad to hear she's doing fine and I can't wait to hear more about her!
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Pengy is making such great progress, Michele, clearly a testament of how wonderful you are and what a sweet, special baby she is! I'm so sorry her thread was lost, you must feel so upset.
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Maybe you could post a bit of a summary about Pengy??
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I know you must be sad about loosing that whole thread of Pengy's - but there are quite a few of us that have been with you since the beginning - we all know how far you have come and we are all so proud of both you & her

chin up Michele - heres to good continuing good updates about pengy
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MA- Wasn't there a historic documentation of TCS on one website or another.. I know you showed it to us a couple months back.
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It is sad indeed, but I'm glad you are back with updates. We all are so interested in how you and Pengy are coming along.

We've missed you.
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Found this via Google. I have NO idea if it is complete but here's a link to a cached Pengy thread:

Someone will have to test this and see if it works for them as well.
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It works great, and all the threads should be archived in Google somewhere- Thanks Marion for doing this!
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Originally Posted by hissy
It works great, and (...snip...)
Well, my geekiness only extends so far I've found I can access the cached first page for several threads but none of the subsequent pages. There's probably a way to access those as well but I don't know what it is at the moment.
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Michele, I'm sorry the Pengy thread is gone. Sounds to me like Pengy is becoming more and more of a "regular cat" everyday--of course, Pengy could never be just a regular cat to you, or to us for that matter , but you know what I mean.
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out of curiosity.. if google has all the threades cached/if that archive is available, can you not use those caches to fix the site? I'm a bit rusty as far as that goes...
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I emailed Michele this too, but it looks like Google only has page 1 and page 5 cached, that I can find anyway. They should have it all somewhere, though.
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Wait you could only find the first 5 pages of the Penguin thread? Because when I searched, I clicked under the 2nd result found by google, where it said "Find more results from www.thecatsite.com". There it took me to a good chunk of the thread - it found 24 results.

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You guys are great. Some of the stuff is there...some isn't. I've tried to post a reply to the original thread, to see if I could resurrect it. Didn't work. Won't let me log in....

But maybe if I link it through here, it can restore it that way...

I'll keep trying, and the computer expert will be at the office tomorrow, so maybe he'll have some ideas....if we could figure this out, we could restore all the lost stuff.

Drat. That didn't work. But I'll keep playing around, and see what happens. Maybe I can find a magic back door or something....

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I did email Google to see if they had a magic formula where we could take the important theads and transplant them back to where they belong.

Surprisingly, they answered me immediately and said they did not have that capability yet, and gave me the link to this spot:

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Aww Michelle, I'm so sorry you Pengy thread has gone. But Pengy knows all the love you have given to her, and we remember all the wonderful care you have lavished on this little kitty. I hope the techies manage to sort something out though and restore you thread.

Keep up the good work!

Best wishes
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What is the latest update on Pengy? How are you all doing?
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Yes do tell, how is our girl?
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Our girl is well.

Pengy and I have had a semi-regular play date; whenever I've got about 15 minutes where I can be quiet in myself, I get the feather wand. It's actually more like a feather duster, with long stringy peacock feathers on the end. I sit in the rocker, and play with her and Simon and Pie, taking turns, giving them all attention and play. I've also taken to leaving treats for her again, because as Hissy said, she's "caught" her prey, and needs the reward.

Tonight, I found a quiet space inside, and set out to play with my shy, scared girl. We take our turns, Simon demonstrating how it's to be done, Pie helping him along. And now I offer it to Pengy; she doesn't interact immediately, I have to tease her into playing. I thump it gently on the back floor of the condo, and wiggle it around. It's grabbed her interest, and I sit down on the floor about 12 inches away from her, thumping and wiggling the duster. She attacks it over and over, at one point chasing it onto the front part of the first floor of the condo. She looks at me, realizes how close she's come (I'm averting my eyes), and backs off. But she's not done playing. We sit there, playing, for about 15 minutes. She's done, I can tell, and now it's time to see if she'll let me stroke her for a bit with the duster.

I very gently, with the edges of the feathers on the duster, stroke her chest, and her front legs. She trembles, expecting harshness or pain, but I stay gentle and slow. I am silent, now, and the other cats have left us alone for this part (they always know, somehow, when we're trying something new with Pengy, or something she's not too tolerant of...they sit and encourage her, I imagine, from their spots on the bed.). As she relaxes and stops trembling, I move the duster to her chin, and then spend about 4 minutes stroking her lower back and hips. I keep this up through two body position changes - there is no indication she's mad or upset, but I figure she's getting a bit gitzy and fidgety, so I back off.

I lay the duster on the floor, and Simon attacks it and takes off running with it in his mouth...he was just waiting for his turn to play alone with it. I reach into the treat bag I have with me, get 4 of them out, and kneel back in front of the condo, sideways. I slowly reach my hand out, and extend to the back part of the 1st floor. She whaps me twice, NO claws, no hissing. Just rapidfire whaps; I tell her no, Pengy, very quietly and calmly, and lay the treats on the floor. She wastes no time letting me move my hand - she reaches forward and gobbles up the treats before I can get all the way out of her "space."

Several observations. Her fear is not nearly as large as it was in the past. And her patience with me, and the beginnings of trust, are both growing. She's coming closer to me during play - relaxing into the game, not caring where I am for 20, 30 seconds at a time.

I am so proud of this love. She's coming along. I don't think we'll get a beadbutt by Christmas, but it's coming, I know it is.

YAY Pengy!!!

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It sounds like she's making progress - I'm glad she's starting to trust you more and getting more patient. And I'm glad she's starting to relax - that's great! Yay Pengy.. keep us updated!
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Originally Posted by noni
I am so proud of this love. She's coming along. I don't think we'll get a beadbutt by Christmas, but it's coming, I know it is.
as are we!!! her fanclub is still right here and still cheering her on - and of course still so very proud of her

maybe no headbutt by christmas - but your right it surely is close by I am itching for that first headbutt
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I don't think I could go a day without reading this thread. Pengy's story is just so amazing and you are so wonderful to be so patient and loving with her. I'm going to be praying for the miracle of the headbutt to be a Christmas present to you. You deserve it and so does Pengy.
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Michele it's lovely to hear from you and Pengy. She's such a brave girl - doesn't it make you so sad to see the poor kitty trembling - they must be so frightened in that tiny body wondering what's going to happen next. But you're doing a great job - she trusts you so much, gradually she's overcoming her fear.

That's how we started with Adelaide. We make sure she gets a bit of a fuss everyday, whether it's with her wand toy or our hand. But she still doesn't know it's our hand that's stroking her - if she sees a hand come anywhere near her she gets terrified . But we're both taking baby steps with our little friends.

Remember where you started with her - she's come such a long way. Bless her .

Keep up with your wonderful work, I'm with you in spirit all the way and can't wait to hear Pengy's next update
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