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I don't fret over it too much, thats why we have bacteria in our bodies to get rid of this stuff (well some of it anyways) and immune systems McDonalds here I come
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Yea, I had to quit worrying about it, it was becoming an obsession and made everything less enjoyable. Now if all my food fears could just make it easier to lose weight......I'd be in business
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I did the same thing. You would not beleive what you can find if you look. I found things I never knew about in things like gum,potatoe chips and mixed drinks. Life is too short to worry about some of these chemicals.
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I noticed VJoy's comment about kitty getting "bored" with the food. We have a 14 yr. old that 2 years ago quit eating his hard chicken food (it was Purina Special Diet). He hated it and just threw it up. We finally found out that part of it was that his teeth were bad (too bad our vet kept telling us his teeth were fine) and we had to remove 3 or 4. We then switched him to the PetSmart special diet soft food. Our KITTY still refuses to eat chicken: soft food or treats. He just hates it!!! By the way- all of our cats eat this SpecialDiet soft food. It helps with Urinary Tract and they love it! Hope this helps!
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Offer them some cat grass to settle their stomachs while you search for the right food. I feed Kirkland after trying every brand on the market. My cats all like it, the nuggets are small enough they don't cause problems and it lasts a long time. I do mix Purina One with it during the wintertime to help add bulk to their bodies as they are inside/outside kitties and it gets cold here at night.

It is up to the pet owner to figure out what formula they need to use for their cats and the individual cats needs. Talking to vets will help, doing research, but don't believe everything you read about pet food, if you are in doubt about the food you are feeding, then write to the company and ask them directly. Generally they will bend over backwards to help you out and even send you cat care kits and coupons if you make the effort to write to them. That is how I found out about Purina One willing to pay some of my vet bill if I turn in weight circles from the bags. So many circles, nets $25.00 to my vet. The check is written out to the vet, not to me. It has been a great help this year, and I hope they continue this program next year.
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I gave my cats Nutro once and it made them VERY flatulent. It was disgusting!
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