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He's sick!

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My poor baby has an upper respiratory infection. He had been sneezing and he would hack like he had a hairball. I finally got a vet appointment and now he is on something called Clavamox? I don't know much of what it does but I am worried about him. We have only had him a week :*(
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Just keep him on the clavamox even when you "think" he is getting better. Keep the bottle stored in your fridge and away from direct light- it can spoil in direct and sunlight-

Your kitty should be fine-
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Clavamox works very well on my kitties when they are sick.
Make sure you give him all of the doses and finish up the bottle. And it must be kept refrigerated as Hissy stated.

Hope you baby gets better real soon!!
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I just hated hearing that after only having him a week. Kinda made me mad at the person I got him from cause they should have taken better care of him. Thanks for the info
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Sorry he's not feeling well, but good for you for getting him evaluated promptly and onto medicine. Clavamox works well, he should be feeling better soon!
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Does it make them drowsy? Mine tends to sleep after we medicate him.
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Originally Posted by Charcoal
I just hated hearing that after only having him a week. Kinda made me mad at the person I got him from cause they should have taken better care of him. Thanks for the info
It isn't the previous owner's fault that your kitty got sick. Kittens are very susceptible to stress. Their little immune systems aren't mature yet, and when they go to a new home they get a little stressed and then a virus that they have previously been exposed to, maybe even at the vet, can become active because their immune system isn't able to keep up. Fortunately kittens usually recover well. Feed him a good quality canned food so he takes in enough liquids and don't wake him up when he is resting and give him his medicine without fail for at least ten days or longer if instructed to do so by your vet and he should soon be well. If he continues to have runny eyes, you can give him L-lysine from the health food store at a dose of 250 mg a day. That will help with some herpes infections, which can cause runny eyes and sometimes sneezes. Post a picture of him. We'd love to see him. Becky
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The prior owner hadn't had any of his shots done or anything. At his age that should have already been taken care of. These people didn't seem to know much about what they were doing. Otherwise, I wouldn't have said that comment. His picture should be in my siggy.
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Aaaww, sweet baby, please feel better very soon. Please keep us updated how your baby is feeling!
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Yes, he should have had his shots, but lots of new kitties get colds. He is really cute. He is big for a baby. How old is he? Is he purebred, from a breeder that shows or from a backyard breeder. Most breeders that associate with other breeders take good care of their babies, but people who think they can make a profit from their pets often cut corners. Becky
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hope he is feeling better soon glad to see you got him looked at quickly though
keep us updated !!
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Well he wasn't from a breeder who does shows so I guess it is what you called a backyard breeder. He just turned 9 weeks yesterday.
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Thanks for all the well wishes, we will keep you all updated.
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I hope Char gets better soon, I hate URI my lil man CoCo had it bad.
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My baby is on Clavamox, too. She has been for a month!! Yeesh. But that's because she had/ has (I'm hoping "had") a very serious condition called Pyothorax.

Are you having any trouble giving Charcoal the pills? I've become quite good at it with Penelope but I was miserable administering the meds the first few days. I used to try and shove the pill in the back of her mouth but after getting alot of teeth marks, I found another method. I put my left hand over her head (your fingers should be on her jawline, I think) to keep it still. I use my right index finger to pry open her mouth (where the front teeth are). I throw the pill into the back of her mouth. Then I close her mouth and keep it shut with my left hand while massaging her throat with my right hand. After I'm sure she's swallowed it, I squirt some water in her mouth with a syringe. I've heard that 25% of the time the pill gets stuck in the cat's throat. The water will make sure it gets down.

Hope little Char gets better soon.
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I use the liquid drops for him and we have to hold him down and hold his mouth open and drop the drops in his throat which I hate doing to him..I feel so mean but I know he needs them. He doesn't fight so much now though and will swallow it on his own.
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Yes, don't feel bad. You have to do it.

Poor little Charcoal. I hope he feels better soon.
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Thanks! Hope yours do too! I hate when they are sick.
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Sorry to hear he was late on his shots, but don't be to hard on the breeder. Obviously he was doing something right to give you such a beautiful little guy. Also, shots aren't a broad spectrum protection...they only cover a handful of common problems. Infections, in particular, have a lot more to do with an animal's ability to fight off bacteria, which is an area where kittens are lacking. Don't worry about it, though. You are obviously on top of your kitten's health and treating the problem. Getting/giving the drops may seem traumatic, but I'm sure it looked very similar the first time you were given daily medicine for a cold or ear infection (I know I used to hate it). Remeber, cats can be just like a kid in some ways....sometimes they get sick, no matter what. The important thing is monitoring their health with regular vet visits (and your intuition) and getting him care when he needs it.

I feel your pain, though, in terms of sick kittens. I've had a little one, Lola, who has had varying degrees of diahrrea for a month...we've been trying lots tests and treatments, and she's getting better (she has something of a complex gastrointestinal history, though). She's been to the vet so much that one of her favourite toys is the cat carrier! She likes to shut the door when Sammy goes in and then stand on top of it for some reason....anyway, enough about me. Keep us updated with Charcoal! I'm sure he'll be just fine.

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