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My boyfriend was the opposite he didnt want me to get a tank he preffered a cat! so that day he looked up in the yellow pages for the cat shelters. They didnt want to give me one because i look too young although i have my id card! So i was bawling so much my face was red from anger and my eyes were all red, my boyfriend bought a special newspaper i never seen before.
We sat at mc donalds ate and then he went through the whole kitty section calling everybody untill the last caller had a baby kitty the last kitty she had so we rushed, drove at 180 on the Freeway *autobahn* and we were there with in 25 minutes i was so glad to have my baby haha.

And yes we will get through this together with the tank
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That is so cute of him! My boyfriend never lived with any pets as he never had any growing up. It's been exactly one year today since we got Summer and he fell in love with her, barely looking at the other cats telling me "This one wants us to take her home" I of course looked at all of them. But when we came back around the shelter and she got up from the back of her cage again and started sticking her paws out to us once again...we knew she wanted us! She ignored everyone else who was there to adopt as they walked by. What a cat!
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guys are great aren't they? Brad didn't want pets when we got our house or so I thought but one night after I got home from work he came into the kitchen and told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands. I did and he put the smallest grey kitten in my hands. Twig was so small that you could fit him in one hand and still have room for part of another cat. LOL! Now he's almost 18 pounds!!!!!
and we have Isis, Luna and Rocket! All spoiled and all mine!!!!!! LOL!
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Jugen -- Here's a pic of a black moor. He's my most unagressive fish. They are from the goldfish family.
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Now that is one COOL goldfish!!!!
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i used to always laugh at the black goldfish with their eyes sticking out
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The goldfish I "saved" were what they called "feeders". they were the ones they you got to feed other fish with. They weren't cool like that.
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I have my very own 3-5 gallon Betta Tank. Here's a little info:
You should purchase Conditioner for your tank. Local pet stores will carry them. Let the conditioner lay in the tank for three to four weeks. This provides a bacteria for the tank, that is essessial for the fish. (I only know about freshwater) Betta's are betetr then goldfish for new hobbists, because Gpldfish are dirty, and you have to clean the tank once a week, while once a month is fine for a betta. Hope this helps! Have fun with it!
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Mines not a goldfish. *doesnt like goldfish unless they got long tails*
It might be a betta but they are small!!! and silvery and if you turn them on an angle they are a square with fins..
they look more like a diamond very sweet. they are already in the tank at the store with the algae eaters.

Well i just opened on my tank and the new thing spungy thing has got green on it already looks like its from a plant but i dont have any plants! its not mould though so i don tknow... might be from the gravel but i was sure i had cleaned it properly
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Yeah, supposedly some black moors have lots of eye problems because of this. I've had mine a year and a half with no problems whatsoever.

I got my comets "feeders" through a 2 for one special. I picked out two somewhat unique ones because I wanted them to be roughly the same size as the fantail I had (and still have). They are both white, one has a large orange spot on his head and the other is all white with a tiny orange spot on his tail. (They are more than likely siblings). I got the black moor and an algae eater the same day.

I grew up with "feeder" fish as a kid. We won some with that fish ping pong game at a carnival and my parents put them in a 50 gallon tank and they grew about a foot long each! YAY for the 25 cent goldfish!

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thats so cute,
i won a fish too at this carnival in italy. it was a goldfish though and it came with a tank but with no filter or oxygen thing...
My cats kept on terrorising it trying to knock over the small tank..
it died a week later
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Sounds like algae. every tank gets that. either that or it's bacteria. not the bad bacteria. a good kind that helps the fish to thrive. dont' clean that off your filters just yet. if it's on the wheels (the things that are pushing the water back into the tank) absolutely don't clean that off. that is definately good growth. Brad never cleans the biowheels. those are essential for the life in the tank.
I'll have to give you some of the places he goes for information. I'm not sure what kind of fish you have. I've never heard of that before.
Bettas are all kept separately since the males will fight if they are together. Another name for Bettas are Japanese fighting fish. I'll post a pic in a few, gotta go get my car from the garage. back on later!!!!!!!!!
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On the bottom of this page ia a list of other sites about other animals and Goldfish Care or Betta Fish Info should give you some good ideas. If you are getting tropical fish you may need a heater and thermometer. If the alge gets too bad you should keep the light off. Have you found out the name of the fish you want to get yet? Has the store owner said how big they will grow? Don't believe it when they say the fish will only grow to the size of the tank. Almost all of the fish in pet stores are babies and should at least double in size if not more. Schooling fish should only be purchased in groups as they tend to stress and die if alone. These would be the tetras, danios, black skirts and others of those types. Once you find out the name of the kind of fish you want look it up on the internet. This will give you more information that the store owner can.
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Thank you dragon lady
I have looked at those sites but they didnt give me the information i wanted.

You know what mineral water looks like???? well i have those bubbles on the tank why???
now they are clearing up but they have been like that for a few days
weelies pushing water back *is so confused*
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Hi I'm back! Brad says that if he's calculations are correct your tank is 3 glns or so.
he said if you want you can post a link to the auction on Ebay or you can give him you user name(if you feel comfortable enough ) so he can see the tank and then he can tell you what kinds of fish and how many you can have in the tank.
He also said it's hard to tell what kind of filter you have since there are so many. can you post picture of your tank???
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Originally Posted by jugen
Hi I'm back! Brad says that if he's calculations are correct your tank is 3 glns or so.
he said if you want you can post a link to the auction on Ebay or you can give him you user name(if you feel comfortable enough ) so he can see the tank and then he can tell you what kinds of fish and how many you can have in the tank.
He also said it's hard to tell what kind of filter you have since there are so many. can you post picture of your tank???

Here is the link i hope it works
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Ok the link worked and I emailed it to Brad. He said that you should only have one algae eater in that tank. they get to big to have anymore then that. sorry He said you should have Tetras, Neons, White cloud neons or Guppies. He said you can have 6 to 10 of those. But FYI guppies breed like rabbits. all the time and often! LOL!
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i know how big algae eaters are.
My boyfriends sister has one and i purely fell inlove with it, its about 1 yrs old i think and about 10 cm long.. the ones in the store i presume are still babies because they arent even 2 cm big
I plan to get a bigger aquarium when i move out

10 fishies in my tank??? i think my tank is a bit small for that many.
I dont want them to breed untill i have a big tank
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The fish Brad suggested won't get big so ten in that tank is ok. But you don't have to get ten. it's just the most you want to have in there. Neons, and Tetras will only get to about 1.5 inches long tops. so they stay small. I just thought you'd like some other options. Neons are really pretty also. here's a link for you.(if I can get it to work, you might have to copy and paste it into your browser ) there is some information for you there. I've got to leave again. I'll be back either later tonight or tomorrow.
Hope you find the information useful.
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Okay Don't clean the green stuffoff. You will need that. A big mistake most beginners will make is this. They keep the tank too clean. So if you have that stuff it could breed for your algae eaters. Also an aerator is also known as an airstone. It comes in many ways but the cheapest is the compressed sand variety. Hope this helps.
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i didnt get to go to the store today because i had to take kitty and bunny to the vet!

Do you think its okay to put some marbles in the fish tank? for decoration on top of the gravel ???
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yes but clean them first and make sure you get all the soap off of them before you put them in the tank. I had Hamster tubes in my tank, at one time because I had a black knife fish that only lived in tubes so I thought that'd be a cool way for him to live.He lived in there for a long time only coming out at night.
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not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet but:
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Marbles are okay but I personally wouldn't use soap. I would boil them then rinse them.
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Okay Guys.
I have decided to empty the aquarium, and take it with me.
I forgot to Ask my pet store today how much i would have to feed it.
Do yous know?? I wont have the internet so i wont have much access when i get there.
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Genral rule of thumb for me is not any more then the fish can consume in 2-5 minutes. Scoop the rest with a net.
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