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Need some more board magic...

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Could everyone send some thoughts, prayers and board magic my cousin's way. Thanks.

Warning: This is kind of graphic.

Two years ago, I went out on a date with my cousin's husbands cousin. Confusing I know. Anyway, Adam and I became good friends through my cousin Jessie, and his cousin, Clint's trying to set us up. That March, Adam's little sister Crystal, who was 14 got picked up by her boyfriend (16) to go out to the movies. He had been working all day and fell asleep behind the wheel, veering into oncoming traffic. He died instantly and Crystal died that night in the hospital. This was about a year and a half ago. Now, disaster has struck Clint and Adams family again.

Yesterday Jessie was supposed to come up and go shopping with me, but cancelled last week becuase it was Clint and Adam's cousin Rem's 15th birthday. Well, Thursday night, Rem was out in the barn cleaning the fuel tank of his four wheeler. He threw the rag he was using into the wood stove and caught himself on fire. It blew his hands and feet off, and he went running towards the house screaming. His grandparents came running out to see him completely engulfed in flames. They got him to the hospital, where his organs shut down. He suffered 3rd degree burns on 95% of his body. He passed away yesterday at the hospital.

Please say a prayer or send thoughts to this family as they deal with the loss of a young one for the second time in two years.

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Hugs and prayers to your family. I'm so sorry for the recent losses.
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Oh gosh, Amber. That is horrible! The families are in my thoughts in this very difficult time.
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Heaven is such a wonderful place,
Everyone is restored to the way they were.
They dont have to worry about money,food or fighting.
Everybody is peaceful. In a white land, with beautiful flowers and nature, that on earth doesnt have anymore.
They get united with their loved ones, and wait for their members to reunite them when their time comes.

We all have to go one day, some earlier than others,
for some its better because they are suffering.
For some its because it wasnt their fault.

But dont be sad because they are gone.
They arent gone. Its only their body that is not here anymore.
Think of your favourite place and you will see them again.
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Holy cow! I am so sorry for your loss!!
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OMG, how horrible for all concerned
My deepest sympathies are with you all at this tragic time.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, my deepest sympathies for his family and you.
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I'm so sorry, they must be devestated. My thoughts are with you and your friends family this Xmas.
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I'm so sorry. How awful. My thoughts are with them..
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Oh I am so sorry, My thoughts and prayers are with you all~
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Oh good grief thats terrible!

Your all in my thoughts at this sad time
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How terrible. You and your family are in my thoughts.
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your all in my thoughts at this time
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OMG, how horrible and sad!!! Many thoughts and prayers are on the way to the families!

Crystal, Rem and Crystal's boyfriend will live forever in the hearts and memories of those who loved them!!!!
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My sympathy goes to this family -- how horrible!
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