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Although I'm not on line much this week (Christmas and family) I just had to log on to tell you this.

This morning when I walked through the dining room Addie jumped down from her chair as usual for a fuss. Even though she makes it clear she wants to be fussed (I'm getting to know her body language) she waits for me to make the move to her. The last couple of days she's been pulling herself closer to me when she rolls over and has touched my hand with her paw twice - although she ran away quickly afterwards. She normally gets pretty much beside herself rubbing her body and face against anything that stands still long enough. Well, today I was sitting on the floor, and my hubby on the stairs whilst I fussed her. She started to walk around and was getting closer to me. Then, I held my breath because I didn't dare hope for what happened next....she walked around the back of me and (ever so lightly) I felt her back rub around mine. . I was ecstatic, I wanted to shout out loud...I looked over at hubby and whispered Yes! Yes!. She had made contact with me ON HER OWN TERMS. I was sooo happy. I just can't wait for her to do it again.

I just hope that she doesn't hold it against me now when I take her to the vet on Thursday

I know just how far we've come with her though. On Christmas day when family popped in for a visit, I explained that we had a very frightened cat in the dining room and that they should not go in there. anyway, someone blundered in and poor Addie fled into the conservatory and hid behind a plant pot quaking. It's amazing that she can be so at ease with us, yet still so frightened of others. I feel very honoured that she feels safe.
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Beth that is fabulous that Addy made contact on her own! I'm sure that she will bounce back from the visitor to her domain, and the vet visit better than expected. She's a survivor, that girl.
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Well, I think hubby and I have figured it out - Addie's jealous. This morning when she rubbed around me I was talking to hubby at the time. I've been the prime carer of her since she first found us. Then, this evening I'd been giving her a fuss and Felicity appeared at the top of the stairs, so I looked up and was talking to Felicity (my little girl's feeling a bit confused at the moment) and Addie started rubbing round me again as if to say "hey, what about me?" Everytime I looked up and talked to Felicity she'd do it again.

When we leave the dining room we ask her if she wants to come with us. we say "come on Addie". Sometimes she follows us to the hall, occasionally she'll poke her head around the living room door but quickly leaves. Well, after she got jealous she followed us into the living room and has plonked herself down on the floor, quite comfortably and is watching tv. She looks settled until we throw her out for bedtime!!
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Well, having plateaued for a while, Addie's making up for it now - I think she took a break for the holidays . This morning when hubby went to make a cup of tea she followed him into the kitchen (she hasn't liked men much so far). When he brought the cup of tea up to bed, Addie followed him upstairs. She's made it to the 4th step before, but never up the stairs. Well, whilst we sat in bed drinking tea, she gave the upstairs a thorough exploring.

It's a shame that the Vet visit is coming on Thursday - I think it might knock her back a bit.
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All the way upstairs??? What a brave girl Addy is!!

The vet appointment may knock her back a bit, but I think it will be a short setback. She's got the basic trust of you now, is feeling comfortable with her new home, and after all...you will be the ones who take her out of that nasty place! Kitty logic can be somewhat flawed...
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Oh yes Heidi - all the way upstairs and spent a long time wandering around our bedroom, the bathroom and our daughter's study. She also gave daughter's bedroom door a sniff, but it was closed (probably for the best a teenager's bedroom might be too much for a nervous kitty ). Then she sat on outside our bedroom having a wash for about 10 minutes.

She is a very brave girl
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wow Beth - I have been away for a while and just caught up on all of Addies progress - and what progress this is

she certainly is a brave girl and how wonderful for that first contact on her own terms - did you have a tear? hehe I would of!! oh what wonderful news...

sending lots of calming vibes for her vet visit I am sure it will be just fine!!
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We've just got back from the Vets. I'll cut to the chase and give you the story later - SHE'S PERFECTLY HEALTHY . We've all been so stressed about this and we're so happy.

We tried putting fish in the carrier - she just wouldn't play ball. She knew something was up and kept as low to the floor as she could. In the end hubby put on his thick suede gardening gloves and just grabbed her and stuffed her in the carrier. She didn't make a murmur - what a little star. We put a towel over the carrier so she couldn't get scared and loaded her into the car. I think taking Felicity with us was the best thing because she looked to Fliss for her lead and saw that she wasn't panicking, so she didn't either.

The vet checked her, said her eyes were fine; her ears perfect; nothing wrong with her tummy and checked to see if she'd been microchipped - she hadn't. So we are pretty sure she was nobody else's cat. The vet also said her behaviour was such that she didn't think she had lived with people before. Hubby held her, she didn't bite anybody nor did she scratch or yowl (she was terrified though). The vet clipped her nails too and gave her the first vaccination.

She's perfectly ok - about 6 - 8 years the vet thinks with a very young face.

She goes back on January 21st to be spayed, second of her shots and microchipped.

She's fine, she's home for good.

Happy and Relieved!!!!! Thank you all for sending her your magic - it worked.

When she came home she shot into the kitchen hid behind the door. We put a dish of fish on the floor for her, but she wouldn't take it. So we brought Felicity in (who also had her booster shot and was as good as gold) and Flissy started to gulp it down. Addie sat behind the kitchen door with her mouth watering licking her lips - we knew bringing Felicity in would have an effect. Anyway she soon started eating her fish then. After that they shot under the Christmas tree together and haven't moved since!!!!
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Wonderul news!!! I'm so happy for you! I bet Addie's exhausted after her big day!

I predict Addie will be upstairs before year end!
Hey - I'm psychic!
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Beth that is just FANTASTIC!! And it sounds like Addy has made a feline friend along the way too.

I have to say, I'm more amazed that she is 6-7 years old and seemingly never lived with people, and yet she socialized so well, and so quickly (relatively speaking). She must have just known that she was with good people.
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oh Beth what wonderful wonderful news !!! YAY Addie!!!!
what a brave girl you were

I am so happy for you all
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Great news! Enjoy New Year with her and the rest of the family.
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Thank you all so much for your reply - hopefully I'll make more sense this morning - my head was everywhere yesterday when I posted Addie's news!!!

Heidi - you're right to be amazed at her age, I got it wrong and the vet actually said she's most probably between 4 and 6 years with a young face . Hubby and daughter informed me that my hearing's going - thanks guys!! I still can't believe she's 6 though and think she's probably closer to the 4 years end of the scale. She seems to have the same kind of behaviour as Felicity and looks to be about the same age and Fliss is 3 1/2.

Chris - yep you're psychic . Not only has she found upstairs, but yesterday she could be found crashed out on daughter's bedroom floor. When we talked to her she stretched all her legs out, gave a big yawn and rolled over!! All the cats like daughter's room because the central heating pipes run under the floor there!!

Danielle and Jenny thanks so much for your good wishes.

She recovered really quickly last night. I think she was worried that she didn't get any food yesterday morning - but she soon recovered after a plate of food. By yesterday evening she was following us around again, rubbing around furniture and me and purring. She follows the other cats too. Fliss is happy because she's still the baby for now and seems to happily tolerate Adelaide now.

They were all thoroughly spoilt last night - I got on the website and ordered them some goodies.
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Beth -- you must be so proud of yourself and your kitties. It looks like Addy and Flissy bonded over the visit to the vet's office.

It's strange but I've found cats are MORE bonded to me after vet visits. Maybe they do see us as the one who rescued them from that awful place! I always imagined they had some intuition about the vet helping them feel better.

Oh Addie, it's so great that you're healthy and getting very very happy!
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Katie - yes I think Fliss and Addy have bonded - they may not be the best of friends yet, but there is a happy tolerance of each other. Now they can have unrestricted access to each other the three cats have been hanging around together curiously. I fed them some Turkey (we had a re-run of Christmas dinner for MIL on New Years Day) and I had all three around me with only about 12 inches of space between each of them. No growling, hissing or swiping.

Addy didn't run away when MIL was here - in fact we couldn't persuade her to come out from under the dining table at lunchtime, so we had dinner and Addy sat under the table.

Last night after MIL went home, Addie came out and sat in the living room. They all played with the toys and were sitting in a ring around me again. Then later on, Addie crashed out in the middle of the living room floor and Tippy sat on the sofa watching her.

Addie also got adventurous and checked out the chair in the living, she was seriously considering curling up on the chair for a sleep - but chickened out.

I'm so happy, I think she has bonded with me more - she's quite happy to rub around my hand now as well. She is starting to take an interest in the outside world though think again Adelaide - that's not going to happen!!!! I tried to order the kitty dvd but it was out of stock
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Well, yesterday we took Addy to be spayed.

It was really quite traumatic getting her there. Just like last time, she knew something was up - probably not being fed since 6 pm the previous evening told her something (Vet's orders!). Hubby decided to wrestle her into the carrier single-handed, as she's bonded with me he didn't want to do anything to upset the trust she's found in one of us so far.

So he donned his thick leather gardening gloves and grabbed hold of her. She instantly became a cat glove - all teeth and claws sunk into the gloves. She was really frightened and ended up leaving a rather smelly deposit on hubby.

She was fine at the vet and had no problems with the surgery. Except when they got in there, Addy had no bits to take away. Seems the poor little thing had been through all this before at some point in the past.

So Mods, yep - it seems she did have a home before - you were right!

She's home now, and a bit wary of hubby but fine nonetheless. She's microchipped - so if she does wander at some point in the future, she can be traced back to us.

She's also on a diet now! She's got so tubby spending a couple of months inside has been a big change in lifestyle for her and she's been stealing the other kitties' food - so now she's on a separate feeding regime with Hills Light.

But she's happy, healthy, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. I feel I can relax now to some extent.
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LOL I guess those pregnancy fears when she first came in were really unfounded!

One thing you can do to help hubby get in her good graces again is have him feed her on her schedule for a while. Put something of his (something that smells like him) under her food. That way she starts associating him with good things again.

Thanks for the update! I've been wondering how little Addy has been getting on!
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Originally Posted by valanhb
LOL I guess those pregnancy fears when she first came in were really unfounded!
oh we really shouldnt laugh should we!!

poor Addy but at least she is mircochipped now and therefore will always be traced back to you thats so special I think - we know that Addy has a home with you now - but the mircochipping confirms that doesnt it? - just wish we could explain how important that chip is to her - that it means she will always have a home

hope she calms down with your husband - great advise from Heidi though - I am sure she will calm down it will just take some time....

great to hear that everything is going okay - I sure have missed the updates!!!
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Do you have any new pictures of the cute thing?

Glad to hear everything's going well!
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Hi Heidi

Yep - we really got the pregnancy fears wrong! But she was wolfing back so much food when she came to visit, it's no surprise she looked a bit tubby when she came in! She's certainly got a lot tubbier since! We're wondering whether she had figured the route out through our two catflaps (they come through our garage into the conservatory) - that's where are other two inside/outside cats are fed. When she has gone into the garage once or twice, she knew where that catflap was straight away!

Hubby has been doing all the feeding since she came indoors - that was a conscious decision that we made. In fact - apart from this morning (LOL!) she waits for him at the conservatory door when he gets up in the morning. I don't think it will take her too long to get back up to speed with him.

We're thinking of asking the Vet if we can give her a sedative before her visit to have the stitch taken out - what do you think? Do you reckon it would be a good idea to make it a little less stressful for her?

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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
Do you have any new pictures of the cute thing?

Glad to hear everything's going well!
Ooh yes - aren't digital cameras great!! I've uploaded some in the furbabies forum and I'm in the process of doing some more - scream nice and loud if you're on Lily overload
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Well, not only did Adelaide have the spaying that never was - and was traumatized going to the Vet into the bargain - but she has to go back tomorrow afternoon to have her stitch out. She still isn't talking to hubby after the last time - poor Addie.

She disappeared this afternoon for a while - I found her snugged up behind some of son's belongings that we're storing in our garage. She can get to the garage from our Conservatory. When she'd had enough she crawled back into the conservatory and waited for her tea!

She's moved on further with me. She has always been scared of hands and feet and still doesn't like to see them coming towards her. But if I kneel on the floor and put my hands on my legs, she will rub her face around my hand. That's a major step forward for Addie.

If I sit on the bottom step of the stairs with my legs quite a way from the stair, she'll crawl under the space between me and the stairs as well.

She's progressing slowly but surely. She has become aggressive with the others though. From the cat that used to be chased away out of the garden, she now chases Tippy and Felicity when they come into the house. It's hard right now, trying to make sure that our two established kitties don't feel pushed out or threatened in their own home.
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Poor Addie... I'm glad progress is still being made, no matter how slowly!
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Poor Addie. It may just be the stress she's had with the vet that is making her more aggressive with the others, as well as the surgery. She knows she's more vulnerable, and while some cats react by hiding, other aggressively act out to protect themselves from everything.

With taking her to the vet again, try putting a towel over her when you/hubby picks her up to put her in the carrier. Sometimes if they can't see what's going on it isn't as scary to them.
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This is such a wonderful rescue story of Adelaide, bless you for taking her in and caring for her. She's so beautiful. She sounds like a real sweetheart, so sad how anyone could of abandon her.
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Thanks for thinking of Addie. We're back from the Vet now.

Lisa -just like you, I don't know how anyone could abandon such a sweet kitty. Perhaps because I like to think the best of people, I wonder whether her family moved away and she tried to get back to her old home - then just got lost. I just don't know. But she seems to have come across some unkind treatment somewhere along the line to make her flinch so much when she sees hands coming towards her.

It wasn't nearly as bad getting her into the carrier this time. She wasn't impressed but the trauma was minimal. She was also frightened, but calm (if that makes sense) at the vet and didn't try to run up the wall or anything.

When we took her before we put a towel over the carrier - she actually seemed to enjoy it more with the carrier on the seat in the car (belted in of course) looking out of the window.

She was calm enough to be weighed at the Vet's surgery. She's been on a diet for just over a week now and I can tell she's lost weight - where her bald spay patch is, her skin actually wrinkles now when she bends over. She tipped the scales at 4.1 kilos (9 pounds) and the vet says she would like her to weigh no more than 3.7 kilos (about 8 pounds) so she's doing well and is not vastly overweight. Soon she'll be able to have "full fat" food again.

She took another little step forward. Since she came into home she's been sleeping in a little "teepee" it's like a hidey-hole for her. Last night, for the first time, she slept in an open cat bed. She was there when I got home from work today also.

Did I say she wasn't getting on well with the others? Well she proved me wrong. When I got home from work today, hubby had put her in the conservatory so she couldn't step on the fresh paint - have a look at what I found - you can see her cuddly toys as well LOL!
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Well - it's slow but steady.

Addie has abandoned her teepee altogether and things the cat bed with the towel and fleecy lining is the best bed in the world. In fact sometimes we can barely persuade her to get out of it - she wants to be fussed whilst she's comfy thanks very much

She's fine with me. No bad after effects from the vet visits at all. Although we did plan it that way. As she has built up trust with me, hubby didn't want me to be involved with catching her and bundling her into the carrier as that was really traumatic for her. The sad thing is that she's really scared of hubby. Even though he feeds her all the time and she sleeps on one of his old t-shirts. She visibly shakes whenever he's in the room . But we're working on it. Hubby is doing some decorating at the moment and is spending a lot of time in the conservatory waxing new skirting boards before he puts them in our room - so he talks to Addie whilst he's doing it. She'll get to trust him again - it will just take time.

In the meantime she's more than happy to have a fuss from me and is not too worried about hands now - although she doesn't like to see them coming towards her face. In fact she jumps over my legs and climbs all round me for a fuss. She's not into sitting on laps yet though (if she ever will be).

She also shows no desire to go outside. Hubby left the conservatory door open the other day whilst he was trying to catch the chickens, and she just sat by the open door watching him. She made no move to go outside at all.

Well that's about all for now.
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Well, I'm glad she's doing so well with you and trusts you and all... though it must be hard for your hubby... Poor Adelaide too.
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Glad to hear almost everything is progressing well for Addie. I think as long as there isn't a need for her to go to the vet again any time soon, she will come around again to hubby. Poor girl...I really wish there was a way to explain to them why we have to do such things as put them in carriers.
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Glad to hear almost everything is progressing well for Addie. I think as long as there isn't a need for her to go to the vet again any time soon, she will come around again to hubby. Poor girl...I really wish there was a way to explain to them why we have to do such things as put them in carriers.
It is really hard Heidi. She has a bit of excema/stress reaction in her spay area - but Ingrid (her vet) saw it when she took Addie's suture out and said as long as she's only grooming it and it doesn't get hot, sore or tender to just leave her alone with it. It seems to be clearing up now, so fingers crossed she won't need another visit. It would probably only make it worse anyway if she had to go through that again. In the meantime it's a case of lots of hugs for Addie
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